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Aug 25, - The Legend of Versyl [The Circle] [Final Version] a deal with this Spirit called Versyl, bonding his soul to the Versyl's spirit. Walkthrough.

The Legend Of Versyl [Kravenar Games - The Circle]

I'll just get this from the myriad alternate sources instead now.

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I won't even bother with the censored version and previews are more annoying then not having any in it. Oh well your loss my the legend of versyl cheats. Hate to break it to you buddy but adult cheags projects are dime a dozen right now, and most aren't worth backing.

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Your art isn't exactly what one might call 'top tier' either. Might want to reign in your ego and get some realistic expectations going.

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Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Posted January 7, I'm creating an adult RPG: The Legend of Versyl.

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In this story YOU can change the events the legend of versyl cheats on your will. Your character got a Car Crash after losing job and breaking up with his girlfriend and wakes up in a World between the "World of The Livings" the legend of versyl cheats the "World of The Deads" Now you come back from the dead as immortal human with amazing powers of Mind Control ready to get your Revenge or Save the world from a Dark fate!

U can find it at: Fetishes in the game: Fetishes work in progress: Share this post Link to post.

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Kapel was just another guy in a little village. When he pledged his love to a local girl, she rejected him.

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Muttering at his disadvantage Kapel said out loud, "It sure would be leyend if I were the only guy in the world. Kapel was now the last man on earth.

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Women went into a frenzy in his presence. Wicked women hoped to catch him.

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Sex-crazy marauders leaped at his loins. The world was a very dangerous place now.

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Even just trying to sleep at the inn Legnd this what Kapel wanted? What will happen now? The Legend of Versyl 2 [0. Fantasy, Male Protagonist, 3dcg, Adventure Censorship: Year 20 years after the events of The Legend of Versyl 1, the world lives in caos.

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First Public Pre-Alpha avaiable for download at: Fri Nov 21, It is still in Pre-Alpha. New locations added middleworld avaiable. Always avaiable on http: The Legend of Versyl 0.

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Missing Type of publication: In this story, YOU change the events based on your choices. You have lived an honest life, trying to not make other people suffer and even trying to alleviate their pain.

But life isn't fair.

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In vdrsyl short time, you have lost your job, girlfriend However, are you satisfied with this ending? In a world between life and death, you discover a second chance.

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To be able to come back to the World of the Living. Now you came back as an immortal human with amazing powers such as mind control, but what will you use it for? Will you continue living as you were?

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The balance of the world's fate is now in your hands. Will you become the Hero of an ancient prophecy, or will you become a Nightmare for the human beings? Due to complaints yhe game was too difficult.

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You need an info? You can give a guy you don't know a handjob for it or you can go directly on the field and look for those infos you need instead of whoring yourself.

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If you like 3D porn games, take a peek at: Scolexxxgames released a nice flash game on legendofkrystal forums a while ago, now he lwgend working the legend of versyl cheats an upgraded concept of the game he realeased: His upgraded version the legend of versyl cheats "Powerless", still not playable but he still has release a character creation swf which is awesome, you can also play the "Pet" game here: You play as Riven in a village, you've lost everything and your goal is to stop the one who put you in this situation, LeBlanc stops you from being stupid and grows you strong.

The games is pretty long! I spent good hours on this one!

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Don't forget that you can always play the game with the walkthrough by your side as there is some times where you'll be wandering, looking for the scenario. This one is actually my favorite Still waiting for Powerless to be out tho', it's gonna rock!

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September 02, Only when it's being done right.

News:Links bring you to the Patreon page of the artist/ game developer, from there you . We're also creating an adult RPG: The Legend of Versyl.

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