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Oct 23, - In the same way porn stars distort sex for entertainment, romance distorts And those details are at the core of Superman/Wonder Woman #3.

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His tongue peeked out, tasting and sweeping from one lip to the other, superan one end of Diana's wonxer to the other. She opened for him, letting him in, allowed Clark to own and control the kiss. Not because he was so demanding and Diana a passive recipient but because wlman silently requested and she'd silently consented.

He drew the kiss out, taking his time and thoroughly exploring her mouth. Hand dropped to her backside and, like Clark's tongue, it too explored, knowing just how to touch, how to make her—. Remove cloths xxx game for android her arms around his neck, Diana pulled Clark even closer, deepening the kiss, their contact, adding to the rising heat between them.

All thoughts of the three people in the other room and the reason for tonight's visit were forgotten under the onslaught of Superman fucks wonder woman passionate superman fucks wonder woman. She wanted more, wanted to forget Zola's plan and fly Clark to her room, stripping them both bare when they got there. But she'd committed herself to tonight and the housewarming party.

Diana wouldn't permit lust, hers or Womn, to distract them, no matter how great the temptation. With a determination that came with being the daughter of an Amazon queen, Diana broke off the kiss, and slowly disengaged herself from Clark's embrace. Eyes superman fucks wonder woman color of a starry night stared down at Diana, blue-black with unfulfilled desire, but also with dawning superman fucks wonder woman. Clark visibly shook himself. I didn't mean to take it that far.

It's womah, well, it's. Grabbing his hand, Diana led him out of the foyer, down a short hallway and into the living room. Zola and Hera, thank the gods, were no longer bickering. But Zola stared at Diana then skewered Clark with an jessica rabbit cartoon sex harder visual inspection.

A pixie smile creased Zola's face then she turned away from them and to Hera. I told you cucks were making out.

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Wpman gaze settled on superman fucks wonder woman, but not nearly as long or as interested as Zola's had been. She supedman one manicured fingered to her mouth. What in the world is she— Diana looked at Clark, whose face was beet red from embarrassment, and there, on his delectable lips was his tell. Grabbing a Kleenex from superman fucks wonder woman tissue box on a table near the door, Diana wiped her lipstick from Clark's mouth.

You're looking as lovely as ever. That green dress brings out the flash monster full episode color of your eyes. But I'm sure he'll be up and wanting you to play with him before the night is over.

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Clark, Diana had discovered, was very good with babies. He knew precisely how to hold them, could even tell a cry of hunger from one of boredom, superman fucks wonder woman, or fright. Clark also didn't speak to Zeke in an annoying baby womann voice Diana had seen some adults do with children, especially infants.

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superman fucks wonder woman He spoke to Zeke as if he were a person, just smaller in size, capable of understanding him, if only in time. Diana found that she liked that, liked how comfortable Clark was with someone so much smaller and weaker than himself.

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wonrer It was what made him such a wonderful and beloved superhero, what made him an even better man. Diana returned to her superman fucks wonder woman on the loveseat, and Clark joined her. Surprisingly, she found herself becoming nervous when Zola pulled out a stack of small, white cards from a red-and-yellow "Battle of the Sexes: You have that storage donder in your closet full of books and miscellaneous Amazon crap.

I found it in there.

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I thought it would be perfect for tonight. I mean, well maybe not wondr since it's meant to be played with at least one other couple.

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But it will do; I think. Wonder Woman and Black Canary find themselves chloroformed and tied up. As the drugged heroines drift in and out of conscious…. July 1, The Justice League is having an important meeting, but the Flash and Wonder Woman superman fucks wonder woman nowhere to be found.

Wonder Woman

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