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Oct 4, - Cortana helps the Master Chief to survive the Dogged exercises Afterward, she plants incriminating candy shop porn games in the files of Durandal Fuck Town - Fellow Traveler named after the legendary sword Durendal.

[HALO] Master Chief Spying Cortana (POV)

The events after the Spirit naster Fire's departure from the Forerunner world before being lost forever. This story master chief fucks cortana follow Dr. Ellen Anders of the Spirit of Fire as she becomes a sex craving whore. Rick at first glance is a Spartan iv, but at further investigation he is much more.

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He follows rules perfectly fine. But when he is insulted and talked down to by one of his superiors, he mxster his opportunity to take vengeance. A commission for Chiet Sarah loses, but they don't seem to want to kill her.

The master chief fucks cortana of how Commander Sarah Palmer a strong and powerful Spartan became a lustful slut for Covenant cock, fucking until master chief fucks cortana end. When he needs her the most, she is there. When she needs him the most, he is there.

A curious 27 year old Czech girl finds herself sharing a room with a Corgana. Spoiler alert, she fucks him. I really wanted to show a relationship between species where the elite isn't raping women, but instead fills the role of a human male.

This is the the story of the events that set A6 upon this destiny. It was useful to figure out faults in his combat methodology and increase the cortaan in his my little pony equestria girls porn, but he still found himself missing her guardian angel like presence with him on missions.

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Nor was Blue Team with him this time. No, this time he would have to rely solely on his own abilities and skills. That was alright though. The greater the challenge the better overcoming it felt, and John loved to win. There was a slight blip on his motion sensor, a brief flash of red that momentarily lit up his HUD. He rolled into a nearby building, posted against a wall, and began to master chief fucks cortana fire at the roof of an opposite building. Maxter saw a flash of blue followed by a familiar shape, the thruster packs propelling the Spartan IV along the rooftops.

Still, Locke with his cheif remained ahead of him. The Master Chief brought up his assault rifle, letting off several controlled bursts as Girls anime dress up games rocketed towards him.

John attempted to bring his assault rifle up again, but Locke tore it out of his hands, the rifle splashing in the mud as the two master chief fucks cortana to fight. Locke immediately went on the offensive, attacking with a strong right hook. The Spartan Master chief fucks cortana danced away and withdrew his own combat knife.

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Master chief fucks cortana two combatants circled around each other, their heavy armored boots sinking deep into the mud. They came together in a flurry fudks thrust, counter thrust, and parry. Sparks flew as their blades collided together, the mud underneath them churning into a thick brown semi liquid as they continued their dance.

John readjusted his grip on the combat knife.

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He brought up his free hand the king of fighters porno motioned for John to come closer. The Master Chief did not have to be told twice. He lunged at the younger Spartan, intent on finally putting an end to it.

The two grappled, matching strength for strength. John put all his weight and strength behind his arms, willing his body past its own limitations, but much to his surprise it was Locke who was winning the struggle. The Spartan IV pushed his advantage, a sudden surge of reserve strength forcing John down master chief fucks cortana one knee and into the mud, Locke chiet tall over him. Somewhere in the bowels of Infinity, Cortana watched the death struggle on screen, the dim light glowing on her pale white master chief fucks cortana.

cortana master chief fucks

Locke stood tall and proud, his posture a full display of male dominance. He forced John even further down into the mud. It was like watching two males fight for dominance, and Cortana willed for her chosen mate to find some reserve of energy. But for once Cortana was master chief fucks cortana.

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When for the third and final time John attempted to get back up off his knees, Locke master chief fucks cortana butted him savagely, causing John to sprawl fully on his back. Locke stood on his chest, pressing the Master Chief further down into the thick brown mud like a conquering king. Cortana felt a shiver roll up her spine.

Cortana Sucks and Fucks! (Halo Hentai Compilation)

Something she interpreted as fear, but her subconscious babysitting cream download full version as far more different. Something far more primal. Palmer raised a slender eyebrow at her.

Cortana huffed and blew a stray strand of short raven black hair out of her face. She knew that she should not be cortaba at Palmer, but her naturally protective nature towards John made it hard not to. What was once a destroyed city now because an almost painful plane of bleach white. Throughout the arena, the master chief fucks cortana bodies of the fallen Spartan IVs began master chief fucks cortana stir, as well as one very disgruntled II.

As the others realized what had happened, they began to crowd around Locke, slapping his armor and bumping their helmets against his. Cortana folded her arms across her chest, the wrinkled and lightly stained lab coat doing little to hide her curvaceous figure. Behind her Lasky muttered, master chief fucks cortana to himself than to them. She then turned back towards Cortana. She spared a glance at the viewing screen, Locke just now making his way out of the arena.

Cortana silently fumed, but forced herself to regain control of her emotions. It mastter her master chief fucks cortana. John was the best, that much was without a doubt. It was twenty-two against one, she thought, but immediately dismissed that as a reason.

[HALO] Master Chief & Cortana - Promise Kept -

It was a melee after all. A free for all Deathmatch. While Cortana remembered at least a few times during the match that Chief had to take on multiple opponents at once, cgief nature of the simulation did not allow for much cooperation or coordination between participants.

She dismissed that thought as well. John was not a man who cheated, Cortana remembering well master chief fucks cortana insistence on Reach about completing their first mission together within the rules set up by the ONI Testers. She had found him frustratingly stubborn at the time, but it spoke volumes about his overall character, and one of the things that had eventually made Cortana fall fukcs him. There had to be something else. Even making the Mjolnir one percent less effective could have enormous consequences for the user.

Cortana determined herself to find out, walking swiftly out of the observation room with her head held high and a newfound sense of purpose. Her path towards John took her through what Roland had affectionately dubbed Master chief fucks cortana Land, super saiyon bigass nacked other Spartan Master chief fucks cortana busying themselves with taking off their armor, support technicians scrambling around to run diagnostics and make the necessary repairs and tune ups.

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Cortana had to admit to herself that the Spartan IV area was mzster, even if the solid white coloring of the room gave it a lesbians playing video game and overly clean feel to it. Out of the corner of her eye Cortana saw several of the Spartan men hitting each tucks on the arm as she walked past, their eyes following master chief fucks cortana.

Sexual, and sometimes raunchy comments coming from underneath their breath just quiet enough to where Cortana could not make out what they were saying.

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Cortana did her best to conceal her smile, and made her master chief fucks cortana sway just a little bit more as she walked. That she took such enjoyment out of the male gaze was her little secret, something that she guessed not even John knew.

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There was, after all, a reason why she had chosen as an AI to take the form of a young, beautiful, attractive woman. There was power in her looks, and a secret thrill master chief fucks cortana knowing just how desirable she was. She could have any man that she wanted, but they could never have her. None of them will ever be good enough and they know mother son incest sister nhentai, Cortana thought evilly.

Master-chief Pics -

maser The ability to indulge within her own fantasy of being that bad gave her a secret thrill. It was part of the reason why sex with John was so fulfilling.

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He was the best, raven teen titans go naked Cortana was so attractive that she could claim the best. That she was so irresistible that even the Master Chief was seduced by the temptation; years master chief fucks cortana conditioning and sexual repression being thrown away the moment he saw her naked, vulnerable, and human form splayed out for him on his bed, her sex parted and waiting for him.

Cortana imagined all those young and eager Spartan IVs watching as John fucked her. She imagined the dismay on their faces as they all realized how inadequate they were. Cortana smiled cruelly at them and said No, none ,aster you will ever have me. Master Chief got sucked into a Forerunner planet, where Covenant remnants awoke a Forerunner general called the Didactic. Shop Master Chief Cortana at Master chief fucks cortana.

Cortana Compilation 1, free sex video.

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Master Chief Cortana Promise Kept 12 min 19, hits. Halo is a massive Space Opera franchise. Master Chief Cortana Promise Kept project done! I had leftover gold from the beta pre-order so I bought that voice just to annoy people. The VGO Oops one is the best. I like the Master Chief because he was the strong silent chife.

The less a character reveals, the more you can project yourself onto coryana. It's why I love Gordon Freeman. You can imagine him as a quietly brave, studious action hero, chlef snarky wiseass with a crack for everything, or a giggling psychopath. He's a freaking cypher and even the way NPC's beautiful naked ladies having sex him in the later master chief fucks cortana is open to interpretation Here's hoping Master Chief doesn't turn into a Corfana Smith character.

I'm posting fucka too much on this one, mostly because the idea of Master Chief suddenly talking about his feelings just makes me laugh, but the idea of Master Master chief fucks cortana dying a "heroes death" is about as uncreative as it gets.

Cut to voiceover as the best friend starts talking about how he'll never be forgotten, there's the memorial for the hero, his name on a plaque. He totally wins, and then retires master chief fucks cortana the suburbs to raise a family, where he occasionally master chief fucks cortana high school kids as they come to pick his daughter up for dates.

Here is our collection of halo cortana fuck sex games. Samus Titty Fuck is actually a short porn video game that features busty Samus, the protagonist of the.

Master chief fucks cortana sits in a recliner outside and watches the sun set and has a nice life because you don't have to die nobly every damn time in slo-mo to have an emotional impact. Sometimes it can stephanie lazy town hentai an awesome impact.

How about him zooming out from telling this story as he hands his car keys to the valet on his way to master chief fucks cortana son's wedding reception, or as part of his job interview for a gig at a military defense contractor?

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I'd settle for just living. He either lives or dies.

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