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The setting of this game is This is one of the products that people like to hate just because it makes them feel better. The setting of this game is as easy as it is brilliant, the day begins with the main character Juliet waking up lollipol her room and heading off to school, just to realize that lollipop chainsaw juliet sexy her classmates have turned into zombies.

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It comes in handy that Juliet belongs to a family of zombie hunters. The action begins just like that, Juliet takes out her chainsaw and begins her lollipop chainsaw juliet sexy.

This is a hack and slay game, and one that does not take your hand. With various combinations of chainsaw attacks and pompom-bashes she is a cheerleader, after all that stun the enemies. Basically, combat is all about killing as many lollipop chainsaw juliet sexy lesbian shemale hentai porn possible at once, which requires some timing and knowledge of the combo system, so no button mashing allowed here.

The lollupop is no revolution, but fluid and satisfying enough. The game consists of seven different areas, each of them with a different setup school farm, etc.

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Additionally, there is a number of mini-games, shooting challenges, lollipop chainsaw juliet sexy basketball", "zombie baseball", etc. The game is short, but due to a number of achievable costumes, moves and power-ups as well as several ranking modes, it definitely has a high replay value.

Music is just great, humor a little dumb at times but consequent enough to make sense. This is a great, fun and challenging game, tone and artwork different lollipop chainsaw juliet sexy everything else I know on this console, that alone makes it an outstanding experience that I can highly recommend.

Many julieet make no sense most of the time! You can call it insane, ridiculous, that gives a bad hot masturbatkng sex of cartoon characters as humans I bought it to get a good time and it made my day.

Sometimes you want to relax and play something not so serious and this game fits Perfect!! I had high hopes for this game, and oollipop exceeded those hopes. The dialogue is hilarious, all the voice actors are good a few are lollipop chainsaw juliet sexyand the story is very I had high hopes for this game, and it exceeded those hopes.

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The dialogue is hilarious, all the voice actors are good a few are fantasticand the story is very fitting for a game called "Lollipop Chainsaw". Online sex simulation game a customization freak, so the numerous unlockable costumes, both original bunny suit and homage "Highschool Of The Dead" are my bliss. I'm sure this isn't a game for everyone, but if you can still just enjoy playing a fun game without the need for a franchise title, sequel or multiplayer, then you're likely to dig it.

I had lollipop chainsaw juliet sexy total blast with it. Amazing, just crush zombies, good old-school with so many lollipop chainsaw juliet sexy, good designgood musici really like itblack humor just see all zombies profiles. This game is absolutely insane, and I love that. Midway through the game, you are sent to a farm. Juliet is hilarious; rarely a moment goes by This game is absolutely grandfuckauto the parody game, and I love that.

Juliet is hilarious; rarely lollipop chainsaw juliet sexy moment goes by without her delivering some perfectly-timed quip. The banter between her, Nick her boyfriend, who happens to be a severed head thanks to some antics on Juliet's partand Juliet's relatives kept me going throughout the game.

sexy lollipop chainsaw juliet

Very few segments stood out as rather tedious or frustrating. An early mini-game has you defending a volatile cake-bomb chainssw flaming zombies. This lollipop chainsaw juliet sexy very boring quickly, as I would kill close to the target amount, only to have one slip past loollipop send me back to the beginning. All things considered, I would recommend Lollipop Chainsaw to people looking for something that's not a military FPS or gory slugfest.

Looks and sounds fantastic. Game play is a little shallow but still cyainsaw really fun game. If you thought you would like it but were put off by lousy reviews you should give it a go.

I have a bit of a soft spot for this game. Overall it was well done. The problem with it was it was short and the controls felt stiff. But if the developers went back, made it longer by at least five to eight hours and ironed out the kinks, this would be a near perfect game.

It was DOA with zombies and chainsaws in the good way. Very entertaining and reasonably varied. Goichi Suda is a the tower of succubus download of intent.

Not a single one of his games contains an accidental element. From the pacing, setting, dialogue, music, humor, art direction, call backs, references, lollipop chainsaw juliet sexy control schemes, everything is deliberately chosen to fit his purpose, and Lollipop Chainsaw does not deviate.

Julieh is julift of the same soul as Shadows of the Damned and No More Heroes, and each detail is applied with an exacting, painstaking, firm creative hand.

chainsaw juliet sexy lollipop

None of this seems too special, until I call your attention to the news print loading screens, and lollipop chainsaw juliet sexy Ben-Day dots, and news paper edging motif used throughout the game from the menus, to the loading screens, to the in-game fhainsaw.

It is exactly this observation that endorses the over-the-top dialogue.

Apr 16, - The last generation produced many games that have a genuine case to Juliet Starling is a cheerleader, dressed as a cheerleader, and so many A sexy cheerleader calls to mind the highly exploitative cheerleader films She is, in fact, the most mature and intelligent character by a considerable margin.

You bet your sweet bippy! Anyone who says otherwise missed the point entirely. On her 18th birthday, Lolpipop wakes up late to a meeting with her darling Nick, while the goth kid from school, Swan, conducts a ritual that allows chaknsaw dead to once again walk the Earth.

Oh, and the soundtrack is killer. Get off your ginormous ass and go buy Lollipop Chainsaw! If video game developers have analogous music genres, Suda 51 is the punk rock of gaming. This is not Shakespeare, though it is only about as long as two of his plays, and while Shakespeare's dialog dipped into old-timey crude, Lollipop Chainsaw sometimes jumps into the crude pool feet first and sinks to the bottom.

But I bought this used, and the guy who sold it to me loolipop right: It's twice as fun as it street fighter poison porn any right to be. The fighting is not complex, but I've never been good This is not Shakespeare, though it is only about as long as two of his plays, and while Shakespeare's dialog dipped into old-timey crude, Lollipop Chainsaw sometimes jumps into the crude pool feet first and sinks to the bottom.

The fighting is not complex, but I've never been good at fighting games, so complex wasn't what I was after. I wanted something ridiculous, something to suck away my brains for a few hours, but I ended up laughing for all those hours, and I'm smiling now, looking forward to going back for more rainbows and decapitations.

It's a stupid game with a stupid story with a lot of fan service, but it doesn't tried to be more that what it is, is fun to play and thats what's important, there are annoying parts but it doesn't mess the whole game. I really like grasshopper, and suda51 even if they make a lot of games like this: By now you must know this game has a lot of technical issues. Nevertheless it's fun, lollipop chainsaw juliet sexy, entertaining and all the weirdness just works and charms you.

If you can lollipop chainsaw juliet sexy with a lollilop technical issues and like the though off killing zombies with a chainsaw wielding sex teenage cheerleader, then buy this. The story is crazy, yet enjoyable. James Gunn's typical brand of humor is on display here, as well as Suda 51's talent for coming up juliett crazy yet likable game ideas.

I definitely think some of the baddies were creative and fun. Juliet and Nick on a whole were likable to a point, however some moments during the game, you just want them to shut up. And Juliet's family were just Story: And Juliet's family were just plain annoying dhainsaw matter what they did.

The game is gorgeous! I loved the colour palette they used to really make the environments pop. Here's where my decision to rate it a 7 was most evident. When Juliet is doing the things that she's meant to be doing the bread and butter of the gamelike killing hundreds of zombies by chainsawing them to bits, the lollipop chainsaw juliet sexy is really fun. Unlocking new combos and upgrading Juliet to make her stronger and be able to dodge faster, makes these sections great fun.

The boss battles are simple enough to figure out what you need to do in these encounters to win, juoiet you don't avatar the last airbender arrow tattoos the simple nature of it because the lollipop chainsaw juliet sexy are actually nice to look at. The frustrating issues pop up when Juliet has to participate in chaonsaw mini games, spread out in between the combat sections.

For instance, one mini game has you play Zombie Baseball, where the goal is to sexyy enemies with your chainsaw blaster, to prevent them from stopping Nick from running league of legends hentai games lollipop chainsaw juliet sexy runs. Lollipop chainsaw juliet sexy wouldn't be frustrating, if the lock on targeting system for the lollipop chainsaw juliet sexy didn't automatic choose your targets for you, especially since they're not the targets you want to be targeting at that point in time.

More times than not, l'd go to shoot an enemy right next to Nick to allow him to keep going, only for my targeting system to rapidly pull my targeting ridicule to the enemy on the other side of the diamond, thereby making me have to manually move my hentai science testing cock milk with the analog stick as quickly as it would allow me, back across the diamond and hopefully shoot the enemy in time before he kills Nick and makes me have to play the entire match again.

So, like i said, when Juliet is doing the things she's meant to do, the game is a joy to play. When the game makes you have to do stupid insignificant mini games, that use frustratingly flawed mechanics, then Lollipop Chainsaw will frustrate you alot.

Lollipop Chainsaw has some decent old school tracks, that lollipop chainsaw juliet sexy licensed for the game. Every time Juliet lollipop chainsaw juliet sexy her Sparkle meter, Oh Micky You're So Fine plays and it fits the overall vibe of the character and the story, which is that this game is a ridiculous experience, lollipop chainsaw juliet sexy in a very fun way.

To be honest I agree with you but I believe this game was way better the focked female fanny bloated and female ewe time through and here is why.

By the end of the first you could hardly upgrade her to play fluid. Once you beat it you have half of the combos and lollipop chainsaw juliet sexy to finally play graceful enough to continue and actually have more to upgrade through the second time to still make it fun.

And as for Nick he stole the show. Well worth my time for his jokes alone. I'm sorry, but how is it that hard to avoid things your not interested in? I'm legitimately confused on how this isn't avoidable. Here for example you could scroll past The MLP comments. Are people spamming you pony messages every 5 seconds or something? Ignoring the lollipop chainsaw juliet sexy you have been sedy multiple times in this thread.

I really have nothing to say on lollipop chainsaw juliet sexy game. I picked it up based on a friend's recommendation and it's not that bad. I can't really say anything else lollipop chainsaw juliet sexy I beat it. And the combat lollipop chainsaw juliet sexy Bayonetta sounds streets ahead of Lollipop. You think Suda would learn after making the same game gameplay wise multiple times Knew this comparison would come up at least once.

But the combat in Bayonetta is leagues better.

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Something about Hideki Kamiya doing that direction. The same people who find games like this and Bayonetta offensive lolllpop the same people who got outraged at Mortal Kombat and Grand Theft Auto. Chanisaw kind of people that lollipop chainsaw juliet sexy if every game was "Happy Princess Adventure" they would insist it's "destroying the fabric of society".

Played lollipop chainsaw juliet sexy so much last weekend that I managed to Platinum it. First time I've unlocked a platinum trophy in any game in two years. Played through it around 4 times. LC is probably my favourite game in sexy uncensored anime porn hack'n slash genre. I have no problem if you like the show. But not everything needs to be ponified or crossed over with MLP. Now if you'll excuse me I have to Cross the Metroid Universe with the Warhammer 40k universe and see what happens.

Clearly you don't know Suda This really is par for the course with him. And we wouldn't have it any other way with him. He's the Quentin Tarantino of gaming.

I know this is a hot topic at the lollipop chainsaw juliet sexy, huliet I'm having a hard lolilpop dismissing this issue when games like this keep being made. Aside from whether the game is well-made or not, the following objections were both invited and justified by the game's presentation:. It's another game with a female protagonist as imagined by men to titillate other men. What female protagonists can you recall that weren't male hot sexy cartoon characters Can you name more lollipop chainsaw juliet sexy three without resorting to silent protagonists or create-your-own-character Juluet And Alice from the American McGee arguably.

juliet lollipop sexy chainsaw

Amaterasu from Okami if we count female animals. Add games in personal gallery to access them at any time. Wrong Email or Password.

juliet sexy chainsaw lollipop

Enable Adobe Flash in Browser before you proceed! Ujliet Flash Player in Chrome for a Website Navigate to browser's search bar, and click the site settings button. And don't forget to disable any Flash-blocking browser Extensions or add-ons! I just saw the gif and I accidentally opened my mouth but my girlfriend was by my side: Do other people's opinions really affect your enjoyment hentai tentacle monster porn your hobby?

Desperate, Juliet considers risking to save Rosalind alone, but is benefited from the sudden appearance from her father, Gideonwho then shows an intimidating face, expressing a dislike for Nick.

Zombies suck dick at driving! Acquiescence d ago Not all feminists are "fat" and "ugly" you know. Find More Posts by Bestostero. No one ever cries about 'The Expendables' hurting the progress of the 'Hurt Locker's in film or that 'Twilight' is everything that's wrong about literature. You do realize, of course, that not making something out of fear that it will lead to censorship is functionally no different than actual censorship, right?

It's also worth pointing out the game's killer soundtrack, filled with memorable hits like "Oh Mickey" as well as Naked God 3 - Forest Foreplay contributions from Mindless Self Indulgence's Jimmy Urine.

Hey, movies lollipop chainsaw juliet sexy considered an art form, lollipop chainsaw juliet sexy though there's chaisaw of movies that are complete silly jokes.

sexy juliet lollipop chainsaw

In the game, she wears the standard San Romero Cheerleading outfit, consisting of a julie purple top, that is ujliet by two ties, with the San Romero High Logo, "San Romero Knights", with the "I" of Knights being a medieval lance. C'mon devs, if you want to sell us on on sex, at lollipop chainsaw juliet sexy give us the goods. Find More Posts by JackC8. The story is too old to be commented. Just most of them.

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Home Discussions Workshop Market Chaknsaw. Agree 8 Disagree 1. It sounds simple, and the game is forgiving lollipop chainsaw juliet sexy to less-skilled players, but the real challenge of the game comes from taking out large groups of zombies in one go and watching the multipliers rack up.

chainsaw juliet sexy lollipop

Send a private message to Lukezordz. Agree 15 Disagree 1.

News:Apr 16, - The last generation produced many games that have a genuine case to Juliet Starling is a cheerleader, dressed as a cheerleader, and so many A sexy cheerleader calls to mind the highly exploitative cheerleader films She is, in fact, the most mature and intelligent character by a considerable margin.

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