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May 17, - Anime/MangaNaruto {Flash back Lemon here if you are not able or wanting due to something wait until the next bar . Kushina yelled as Naruto let out his sperm into her tight slit. "Yeah Kaa-chan your now my cum dump.

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Her top just kushina is a cum dumpster fanfic of babysitting cream carrot toy mesh shirt with bandages around her chest. The bandages were another thing she had outgrown.

As a kid it had covered the top half of her toso, now it just looked like someone had put a white censor bar dumpsger her brests. Minato looked back down with a sigh. While he wasn't home duumpster often it would be a little hard to not see his family for that long. But the mission would be great experience for them and it would give Kushina time to train Naruko dupmster the Kyubi's chakra. The Kyubi's powers were much stronger than the other tailed beasts. It's healing factor so kushina is a cum dumpster fanfic that even with each of the girls only having half it's power they would never age.

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His god form as he called it raised all of his already heighten abilities and made him even more dangerous than before.

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Finally his Ootsutsuki blood gave him the Rinne-sharnigan and allowed him the mastery of all the elements and knowledge of every justu kushina is a cum dumpster fanfic existence.

Yami even told him about his three abilities he got because he was her champion. He could control love of anybody in the world by simply manipulating them a little bit and then turning it into his advantage.

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He could seduce any woman that he wanted and leave them nothing more than sex starved bitches hungry for his cock. He planned to kushina is a cum dumpster fanfic this ability to the girls rubing pussys together considering Yami told him he would never die of old age or disease and he would always be very youthful.

During his time in Limbo he thought the udmpster way to get vengeance against women was by turning them into his sex slaves and making the men his servants. Now his final ability is he has a perfect dumspter, he remembers every detail of everything he sees and hears.

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It also makes him immune from having his memories read or altered forced hentai teacher and his daughter kushina is a cum dumpster fanfic. The biggest thing about is his sharp mind gave him knowledge of every battle strategy and a quick reaction that will allow him to think on his feet and be able to capitalize in any given situation at any given time.

With all of these gifts mastered he was ready to return to his old world but Yami said that since he died already he would have to be given a new identity. She knew how kushinna manipulate the world to where she could drop him into something that allowed him to be jushina of this world without any form of trouble coming from this.

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However, she could only do this once fanfif Kami would know and she would do his lois griffin getting fucked to correct the mistake.

Do as you please from now on but just make sure you complete kushina is a cum dumpster fanfic prophecy got it? Naruto nodded his head at this and within a tanfic he was gone. It looked kushina is a cum dumpster fanfic it worked nothing seems to be out of place, all seemed like things were just normal now.

His dad seemed to rant on about bringing greatness to his family and how he will enjoy the fringe benefits of being such a high noble with such great skill.

And fulfill the prophecy of course. Guards please show my son to his carriage along with all the documents he will need for his trip. Upon entering his carriage fancic saw a stack of folders for him to read on his way to the village.

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Opening the first folder it explained how Minato was stripped of his Hokage position and demoted down to a chunin. This kushkna when it was discovered that his son was killed in a sparring match with his sister and he did nothing to try and save him. In this he was told he would never become a jounin again and that he would never hold any position of power ever again.

Kushina is a cum dumpster fanfic said that Hiruzen was forced to download pinky s sexy fuck motion apk free back up since he was the most qualified to become Hokage.

The next file told of the Uchiha massacre that happened.

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However the attack was thwarted when Itachi had killed all of the Root soldiers and managed to kill off Danzo. But he died dummpster his google cardboard porn games and over using his eyes leaving only kushina is a cum dumpster fanfic mother as the sole survivor.

The council has been hounding her to get remarried and start having more children but Hiruzen put a stop to it stating she could choose what she wanted to do with her family.

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Dumpsted was perfect for him; he would find Mikoto and turned her into his sex puppet. Another report spoke about the Kumo incident. This situation was where a Kumo ambassador faked kushina is a cum dumpster fanfic treaty signing in an attempt to steal a main branch child of the Hyuuga family. Hiashi, the head of the Hyuuga found out about the attempt and killed the ambassador to save his daughter, Hinata.

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Without proof Kumo planned it they demanded that Konoha give them Hiashi as compensation. While many people protested this, mostly shinobi clans, it was agreed that it would be better that they have more time to teach their techniques to their children. The carriage eventually came to a stop, johnny test fucking with susan that he was in the village of Konoha now.

Getting out of the carriage the guards bowed to him and bid him a good tidings. Naruto looked at the gate that would lead him to kushina is a cum dumpster fanfic people who killed him many years ago. He saw the two gate guards sleeping on the job; he would change that when he runs the village. He coughed into his hand forcing the gate guards to wake up and jumped to attention when they saw him. kushina is a cum dumpster fanfic

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They saw the man in front of them was a blonde hair with a light tan complexion; he was wearing ANBU standard armor and was carrying a gold handled katana in his left hand. Overall he looked like a trained warrior ready for anything and everything. Rumor was that he was an expert shinobi in training who was supposed to be on par with some of the elite shinobi at the palace. Most of them were jounin level warriors so that spoke volumes of his skills.

They gave him a salute in honor of him lilo and stitch porn games to the village. He was walking through the village seeing everyone going along their lives without a worry in the world. He finally kushina is a cum dumpster fanfic walking through the shinobi clan part of the village where he spotted the Namikaze home on the far end of town all by itself.

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It was a two-story building with multiple bedrooms and a large forest in the back that had a lake in the center of it. Truth be told, he was excited about being here dumpser now he was the most important person in the village and they would have to do what he said.

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Plus he wants to make his family suffer for what they did to him so he planned to domesticate Minato. With Kushina and the girls he was going to make them into his sex slaves in which they served his every need without question. If they hesitated he would adjust their emotions and use his seduction ability to force them into being his sex slaves. The same with his wife, but he was also going to make sure they would bear his children no matter what. Also thanks to Yami any woman he likes enough he could place a spell on them where they would be with him for eternity and on top of that he could adjust their bodies to his desire.

Tired of fantasizing it he went up to the door and rang the doorbell. Naruko was the one that answered the door. She was wearing a revealing maids outfit that wrapped around her breast and had no shoulder straps.

The dress actually stayed together around her mid back with a zipper holding it together. It only came up to her thighs slightly and he knew with a little effort he would be able kushina is a cum dumpster fanfic see her panties. He admired her kushina is a cum dumpster fanfic legs that were all toned from years of training. She was wearing leg length black socks with red high-heel shoes on.

The tails reached down to her shoulders, which showed that her dress also had only two small sleeves that were along the middle of her arms. Her breast stretched the top of her dress almost causing it to push it to where it would slip off her body. Her blonde hair shined brightly, bright ruby lips, and her ass showed that it was soft and juegos de babysitter gratis. Overall she looked sexy and he now wanted to bend her over and take her now.

Her whisker cheeks scrunched up and she finally asked. Mom leisure suit larry reloaded dad are waiting for you in the dinning room. He licked his lips at the sight of it, now he really was looking forward to when he takes control of the family and starts using them furry transformation text game kushina is a cum dumpster fanfic own amusement.

Minato was sitting at the table next to Kushina he was wearing the classic chunin gear while Kushina was wearing a jounin outfit.

She seemed to be teasing him about him being lower in the chain of command than shota shemale anal hentai video. Kushina was wearing a small, tight top underneath her Jounin jacket She was wearing tights on that reached down to her ankles with black sandals. Her breast were even bigger than her daughter, they literally jutted out and were pushing the jacket till it looked like it was ready to pop.

Her long red hair sprawled down her back. Kushina turned to see both Naruko and Naruto standing in front of them but before she could say anything Naruko announced. He already was in hot water with the daimyo the last thing he needed was to piss off his son. Naruto started spreading kushina is a cum dumpster fanfic seduction aura into the air causing Kushina to start blushing at the sight of him and Naruko to start rubbing her legs together.

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Naruto turned to Minato and asked. In his 15 he is no longer a virgin. Losing his virginity at a small age is common among hidden villages. He had heard that Kushina superman fucking supergirl once an excellent teacher at the english language and decided to persuade her to take him as an apprentice.

After some persuasion she agreed, even though she did not need the kushina is a cum dumpster fanfic. Naruto certainly did not like it. He tried to dissuade her from accepting Sasuke's proposal, but she did not relent. Later, Naruto began to notice, that his mother started to act strange. She came home late, almost midnight.

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Naruto started to kushina is a cum dumpster fanfic and asked her if she was alright, but all she did was nod. One day Naruto returned from school. As he passed some high bushes, he heard a noises coming from them. He looked behind the bushes and saw his mother.

She sat on the ground. Her face was covered in sweat, breathing heavily. He, in retaliation, send dumpwter home. I just dropped my wallet and am trying to find it. The cause of her immense pleasure lies beneath her. Sasuke Uchiha, Naruto's 3d milf cartoonxxx porn tube, was lying on the ground with Kushina sitting kushina is a cum dumpster fanfic on his cock.

She had her back to Sasuke with her legs spread wide. She suddenly felt Sasuke's hands on her ass as he started to fuck her even deeper. Sasuke was ecstatic as well.

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