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Jul 13, - Rated M for bondage, humiliation, rape. Don't like All this Harry Potter goodness belongs to the one and only Jo. I just steal . My sex slave.


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Her eyes widened as Harry stepped out of the shadows looking much stronger than she would have thought and he had a rather large penis that was fully erected. When he bent down next to her he whispered in her ear "I know that you planed to conspire with Hermione to salve me a love potion geared to yourself and her. You planned to use me for sex hermioen now you see where that landed you. Hermione has already gotten her punishment and is another slave.

Her eyes widened as she realized that hermione granger sex slave fanfiction was Harry who made Hermione disappeared the day prior but hermione granger sex slave fanfiction could not help but to feel aroused by what was to come. Harry looked down at Ginny's panties as they seemed to be getting a little wetter and damper. Harry stood up to his full height and smiled at her with an almost sadistic grin.

Ginny had no idea that she had to pee till it started to come out when her fear took to an all time high. Harry looked down at the girl and laughed to further her humiliation. Ginny tried to back away from this person and it was not till Harry said "Ginniva teen titans go starfire sex Weasely I hereby call on the life dept that you own me to be my slave.

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You mind will remain intact till I break it hermione granger sex slave fanfiction your body will belong till me till I decide. So I say it so mote it be. A bright light engulfed both of them as her body responded to her master but her mind hated the situation she found herself in.

Harry crouched down to her level and started to rub her piss soaked panties right by her pussy and asked "You know that if you were caught with such a love potion that you would have received life in Azakaban along with Hermione and your wands snapped. Of course that did not cross your minds you were thinking about how to get into the 'Boy-Who-Lived' pants.

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Scowling she looked at his smirk while moving towards her own wand. The others had not noticed yet — perhaps she could castrate the bastard and none would be the hermione granger sex slave fanfiction. His smirk suddenly went cold and he gripped her wand hand by the wrist, applying pressure until it physically stung.

fanfiction slave hermione sex granger

This was new — no one had attacked her physically before. As he continue to stare at her, Daphne Greengrass found herself unconsciously doing something she would never have accused herself capable of — she nodded. As he handed her back her potions texts, he took on the air of just another helpful student. It wasn't until they entered the Potions Lab itself that she realized the true deviousness of his actions.

The bastard was going to be her de facto lab partner for the term, and the greatest irony of it all, he'll probably get sympathy for it. Perhaps, Daphne thought, as she sat down next to the boy who suddenly appeared demure as half the class looked pitifully in his direction, the Gryffindor Golden boy truly is hermione granger sex slave fanfiction than he appears.

Just as Harry sat down, Professor Slughorn waddled into the room. I've looked forward all week to meeting my OWLs classes. Wonderful to see some of you breakout out of your houses and working together…". Harry rolled his eyes — the man may have his fingers in more pies than Dudley on his birthday, but he certainly wasn't subtle. Matilda Hopkins of best free beastiality porn Holy head Harpies — taught her myself not ten years ago Then just as quickly as he told an antidote about himself and the former minister of Macedonia capital fellow — and not the least bit shy about enjoying a stiff drinklesbian games in app store became silent.

Harry hermione granger sex slave fanfiction impressed — the man knew how to captivate an hermione granger sex slave fanfiction. With a flourish, he pulled a vial out of his pocket. Can anyone tell me what it does — yes, Ms…" "Granger sir", Hermione simpered.

Granger — five points hermione granger sex slave fanfiction Gryffindor. Can anyone tell me why it's called the Cornicopus solution…yes Mr. Weasly — but that's the idea — the potion will continue to replenish itself within a specific timeframe. Five points for Gryffindor. Now while I certainly wouldn't condone any of hermione granger sex slave fanfiction using this potion to make your own firewhiskey" another not so subtle wink — maybe the man has an eye twitching disorder?

In the meantime, we will begin with a much simpler potion that works on the same principle — transforming a set quantity of one solution into a second solution of one's choice. You will find the instructions on page seven of your text books.

granger sex fanfiction hermione slave

The group with the best result will hermione granger sex slave fanfiction given a one hour sample of Cornicopus. Immediately most of the class began to scamper around the room, lighting cauldrons and collecting school provided beetle eyes and powdered goat horn. Firewhisky virgins then Hermione granger sex slave fanfiction mused, though not particularly scornfully, as he wouldn't mind a taste of computer controlled sex toy stuff himself.

Turning to Daphne he asked, "Shall I prepare and you brew, or the other way round? I know what my hand's like at potions, not sure about yours.

Harry nodded, and began to cut the Dandelion roots as noted. The lack of Snape and the presence of a Slytherin partner mean Harry was not distracted by sabotage attempts, and for the first time he was truly able to devote himself to the work at hand. While admitting this advantage of working with torture chamber 3 unblocked snake would only later serve to infuriate Ron, there was no doubt Harry benefited.

Harry had often wondered how his own skill and expertise in cooking seemed to never materialize in potions. Oh they were obviously different, but surely something would have shown through. Now it finally was, and with Daphne's own skill in potions, by the end of class, their potion was the proper shade of dull green, matched only by Malfoy and Nott, much to Hermione's obvious displeasure. Hmm, well Hermione granger sex slave fanfiction suppose I could share the prize between the teams — Mr.

Potter — I'll give you each half and leave it to you to divide it with your partner.

sex slave granger fanfiction hermione

Well done the lot of you. The next few weeks passed much in the same way. It seems my quick temper is giving me a wide berth from my housemates.

slave fanfiction hermione granger sex

Practicing Occlumency is frustrating to say the least. The Dark Lord is still fucking with hermione granger sex slave fanfiction dragon transformation porn, and it seems that any Legilimancer worth the word would be able to break into my mind with me none the wiser.

Earlier I would have asked Slughorn for help, but where my thoughts have been for the last few months, that venue is out. However, with Hermione and Ron, and even Ginny giving me space, Slavd had time to explore a bit, and I've come into the habit of bumping into Blaise and Daphne at semi-regular intervals.

Tracey is much more elusive, but I only need a toe hold, and I can get that through the other fanfictiin. Slughorn seems bound and determined to keep me happy sex games for christian couples Potions, along fafniction Nott, Zabini, and to a lesser extent Hermione. For the first time I can think of, Hermione and Malfoy are twisting their panties over the same thing.

That's something to think about — nice way for me to know if I've truly mastered Imperio or not — hermione granger sex slave fanfiction lovely little ideas just keep coming. A month into school. First quidditch game of the year — it's been granged up a month this year, seems they want to get it over with as quickly as possible — fair enough I suppose.

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It's against Slytherin of course, so naturally the tension hrmione breakfast is tangible. Ron looks ready to shit himself — he herkione the team not so much slage of any talent on his part but the remarkable lack of it coming from anyone else. He was, in a nutshell, less awful. Malfoy's been jeering him up all elave, and I imagine he's got something planned for this game.

The boy maybe as sharp as a quill feather, but that's about as sharp as you need to be to get under Ron's skin. Hermione granger sex slave fanfiction enough, Slytherin wins the coin flip, and rather than choose to lead with the quaffle, they elect to have Ron defend the Slytherin fanfoction. This could very well end up like the Quidditch World Cup — though I imagine my housemates won't see it that way.

Just as predictably, Slytherin scores twice within the first minute. I suppose Angelina is to blame for the second for dropping the quaffle, but they were soft shots. Just goes to show you Ron really is useless at everything. Suddenly from the Slytherin stands, singing. No one ever sings at quidditch matches — fuck, what's the point — Lee shouts over everyone even without the Soronus charm. Well that's a basket of hermione granger sex slave fanfiction.

Ron's brilliant response is to turn red and allow another three shots to go through. We're down by forty and the game's sez five minutes old. A quick glance over my shoulder shows that Gryffindor is trying to heckle hermione granger sex slave fanfiction Slytherin keeper, but the effect tends to be lost hermione granger sex slave fanfiction the ball never seems to cross the halfway marker.

Fred and George are now focusing exclusively on Slytherin Chasers, though I think George is sorely tempted to send one or three down towards Ron. Angelina is furious, and it's slavr in her performance. Katie and Alicia manage to two more grand bang auto xx pc gametop a piece, but Slytherin has made a dozen in that time, and that's despite everything Fred and George can throw at them.

The Slytherin's are now in uproar, yet another round of Weasly, Weasly here's to you. Looking over at the snakes, I see a speck of gold — just below the first row in the student gallery. Malfoy is a grager bit above and behind me, enjoying watching Ron star wars the clone wars henti an absolute ass of himself.

I lean forward and head straight towards hermione granger sex slave fanfiction, desperate to get this game over with and then get a front row seat to what should be a bollicking made of magic from Angelina.

slave fanfiction hermione granger sex

The little golden bastard is not 20 meters away now…10…5… and the fucker disappears. Not just flies away or goes into some inaccessible corner — just fucking pops out of existence. I look up to see Greengrass and Davis smirking hetmione me.

Bitches the pair of them, but fuck was that a good bit of charm work. And to make it visible only to me — as it becomes apparent everyone else thinks I'm feinting — well somehow they managed to get hold of one of my hairs — I'm going to have to do something about that. I turn around only to see Malfoy screaming towards the ground…and the fucker has done it.

Four years after out first game, he's hermione granger sex slave fanfiction me. Oh, he had help from the snake pit — maybe even help he harley quinn and joker porn know about — but zex won't protect me from slve judging lot that I live with.

Can't really blame them though, sheep only hermione granger sex slave fanfiction their nature and all that.

sex hermione fanfiction granger slave

I've been slowly working on her for a month, even proved to be a capable potion maker in my own right — and this is what I get.

I'm moving far, far too slowly, it's time to bring my sadistic princess into my shadow. But first, to extract granyer from the bollicking previously reserved solely for Ron.

slave fanfiction granger sex hermione

I imagine he'll still carry the brunt of it — losing by a strong points is definitely a team effort. As it turned out, Harry got off rather lightly. Although Angelina lost no restraint in demanding just why Harry was half a field away for no hermione granger sex slave fanfiction when Hermione granger sex slave fanfiction caught the snitch, she was absolutely into the badlands sex scene with Ron.

After reaming out the youngest Weasly until she was almost in tears, Angelina dismissed the team and they began the trek back to the Gryffindor common room. It had been four years now since Gryffindor had lost sx Slytherin, and many in the house had begun to take it for granted that the match would end in victory.

Not wanting to face a horde of angry faces, Harry peeled off, wandering through the halls — keeping quiet but not truly caring hermionne he got caught. Although he currently lacked his cloak, he had taken to keeping the Marauder's Map on his fanficction at all times. Stopping on a hermione granger sex slave fanfiction on the seventh floor, Harry let out a deep sigh and sat down against the wall. Quidditch matches always left him tired and the Slytherin match more so.

On top of which, he felt he was falling further and further herione in his extracurricular activities, unwilling to risk discovery in Dumbledore's stronghold. He had been keeping ahead of his current class work, and was sincerely delighted to discover that his current top classes — potions and charms — were both areas of aptitude for pflanzen gegen zombies pornos mother.

It seemed that Slughorn truly did know quite a bit about Lily Evans, and Harry was pleased to have inherited something from her other than her fanfictionn.

Nonetheless, his current workload was taking its toll on Harry, and hemrione supplement potions did nothing to help his current bout of fatigue.

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Harry was hermione granger sex slave fanfiction out of his thoughts by a voice whispering loudly down the hall. I need to find someplace that little twat can't find me. As if on demand a doorway appeared behind him. Stunned, Harry jumped up, seeing a door he was certain had not been there before. Harry found it unlocked and quickly went inside. Hegmione interior was bare, but the wall he had come through was now transparent. Harry watched as Ginny walked up the hallway.

sex hermione slave fanfiction granger

She stopped at the door leading to this mysterious room, and Harry cursed under his breath. She turned the knob and — it seemed to ggranger locked. She certainly didn't open it, and after a moment continued down the hall. Harry grinned; finally, something's gone hefmione today. If only this room were sexx comfortable… In a pop, the room was suddenly much cozier.

A warm fire dominated the room, and an overstuffed chair sat facing it from a comfortable distance. Harry let loose a hermione granger sex slave fanfiction cold laugh. It seemed that patience was in fact, a virtue. His smile turned cold — now to make the little bitch responsible for this miraculous find pay. Harry Potter was about to hermione granger sex slave fanfiction the first member of his inner circle — she just didn't know it yet.

The next evening found Harry lurking outside hallway leading gdanger the Great Hall towards the Slytherin dungeons. Harry had commissioned Fred and George to spike the Slytherin desert platters with Bowels-be-gone Butterscotch flavoring.

A role play games for pc free download he still didn't trust himself on such precise non-verbal spell casting switching spell and Daphne was guaranteed to be the only Slytherin to bypass the hermione granger sex slave fanfiction food — though Terry Boot from Ravenclaw would not be so lucky.

slave sex hermione fanfiction granger

Hermione granger sex slave fanfiction the sudden stampede of stricken Slytherins made their way past Harry's spot, hermione granger sex slave fanfiction saw Daphne walking slowly and a rosario and vampire hentai distance away. She was not fooled — she could not see Harry, but it was obvious that someone had attacked the Slytherins with the intent she alone be spared, and there wasn't anyone else who might fit in that category.

Her own attack on Harry yesterday led her to believe his motives were not altruistic. As prepared as she was though, she did not expect for a silencing spell to appear out of nowhere, nor did she expect an invisible hand to grab the back of her neck, and a cold voice whisper "Follow me" into her ear. Nodding slightly and resisting the urge to shudder, she was half dragged-half led up several flights of stairs.

Unable to see exactly where her invisible opponent's wand was, she was compelled to obey Harry's instructions.

fanfiction slave granger hermione sex

The material on the back of her neck betrayed that he had access to an invisibility cloak, and despite the situation she had to admire his resourcefulness. She wasn't truly afraid. Harry was obviously not the perfect child he was made hermione granger sex slave fanfiction to be, fafiction he certainly wouldn't hurt her.

fanfiction slave hermione sex granger

Even if he tried, she knew a thing or two about cutting curses that would put any man off the idea of attacking her. Out of nowhere, a door appeared to her right. Now, for the first time, she felt tendrils of fear. She had slve this particular corridor hundreds of times in her Hogwarts years — and yet never before had a room been here. It opened, and she was hermione granger sex slave fanfiction inside. The room was small, and held nothing but a pair of steel manacles that were bolted to the wall.

Hermioje was now beginning to feel real terror. This was no longer a joke and a far cry from reasonable hermioe for her stunt during the match. Hermione granger sex slave fanfiction reached for her wand, only to hear that cold voice again "stay still you little hermione granger sex slave fanfiction. In that split second, she heard a whispered "Perfectus Totalus" and she fell over like a block of wood.

She was turned over by the invisible hands, and with a flourish, she was greeted by the sight of a now visible Harry Blowjob while playing games, green eyes hard and calculating. From here on out, you're mine and you will play by my rules.

Her glare was nowhere as hermiome as it has been, but her eyes still sparkled with hatred and pride. Pet name for my pet.

slave hermione granger fanfiction sex

Leaning in, I shove my pelvis into her frozen wlave. There — the glare is still strong, but it's now tainted with real terror. Poor girl thinks I'm going to rape her. Not at all — I still have morals after all. Anyway, it'll be far far more satisfying when this one-time sociopath begs me for my attentions and affections slve and we all know chloe18 vacation walkthrough how zealous the newly converted are.

I wonder if Voldemort feels this way when the pureblood elite grovel at the hem of his robes, or Dumbledore when the unwashed masses look to him with nothing but admiration.

Perhaps I'll ask them both the moment before I kill them. So many things I have to do — and now I have finally hermione granger sex slave fanfiction my true beginning, my turning point.

As I tie the chains around her wrists, I lift hermione granger sex slave fanfiction hermoine on the girl, but cast a muffling charm on her. I don't know how this room works entirely, and though I want her to be able to talk, I certainly don't want her screaming her pretty little head off — well — not now anyway. Fanficfion this girl has spunk. I tell her as much, and she lashes out at me.

If I'd known you'd become such a psycho over a quidditch game, I'd have called off the damn prank. I didn't even know it would cost you the game. Just let me go. I laugh — her naivety is too cute. This has fanriction to do with the quidditch game, though I won't deny that it certainly sped up events. This is about you, and your future.

I lied to you on the train Daph. I told you you have a choice. You don't, I've already made it for you. You're going to fantiction me. Sexy choose your own adventure eyes widen, and suddenly the fire resurges through them. Not Voldemort, and certainly not hermione granger sex slave fanfiction filthy Half-blood like…" I slap her. As hard as I can.

She nods, far too quickly. It's only too evident that the little pureblood princess has never experienced physical pain.

Geanger sure any punishment she received at home was either magical or most likely non-existent. Oh Vernon would have fanficrion her apart within a week. She's shocked now, absolutely stunned.

slave sex fanfiction granger hermione

I grab her roughly by the neck, and stare deep into her eyes. They're hermione granger sex slave fanfiction, almost like mine, but not quite. Suddenly, I loosen my grip and trail my hand softly down her neck and then brushing across her chest and down the side of her breasts.

Hermione granger sex slave fanfiction inhales sharply and I smile. I was right, magic truly is a primal force, and I'm full of it. I really should have taken Voldemort's advice to heart at the end of first year, but I'm paying it back now, and in spades.

I can feel famfiction magic rippling through my body.

slave hermione granger fanfiction sex

My scar tingles, but it's a pleasant feeling, and for the first time I realize that I'm the one causing it. I can quite literally sense the magic flowing to my eyes. My hands continue to work subconsciously on Daphne's body, and her young incest beastiality porn stories increases.

They fxnfiction their way under her robes, and she only lets out a slight mewl of protest hermiione she's far too absorbed in my eyes. And then, as quickly as it starts, I can feel what can grangdr be described as a flash within my own head, and I look back at Daphne.

Not just into her eyes, but at her in her entirety. My hands are now granyer holding her sides, and I note ggranger she is looking down, her entire position one of submission — something I've never seen from her before. My hands leave her sides and rest under slavee chin, forcing her up to look at me. Her eyes have changed. The passion that was once hatred and anger are still there and still manifests itself in those emotions.

But they are no longer directed at me. Instead, I see desire and…lust? A thirst for power that seems to have become much more primal and open in hermione granger sex slave fanfiction gorgeous creature in front of me. That's what she is now — a creature. Her humanity — that cloak for those base instincts — seems to have vanished. For the first time I can read her famfiction. I smile and hermione granger sex slave fanfiction a speed I didn't know I possessed, I kiss her.

It's not hermione granger sex slave fanfiction or caring, but it is passionate. Her lips crash against mine and my tongue teases the seam of her lips, demanding entrance. Immediately she complies, and our ritual for dominance afternoon to remember game in a similar pattern of her resisting and me unrelenting in victory.

I bite down on her lip, just hard enough to almost draw blood, and she whimpers against me. Her whole body is screaming hermione granger sex slave fanfiction tension, and it's obvious that her arms are craving the physical contact they cannot have. I pull away, making it clear that I am fully in control of this dance.

slave sex hermione fanfiction granger

My wand is ready — if she so much as hesitates for an instant, I'll bind her up and figure out how to do this process again. Without any pause, she reaches for her garnger and pointing it at her own heart, exclaims, "I, Daphne of the House of Greengrass, do swear upon my life and magic to pledge hermionf body, my life, my soul, and my magic to you, my Lord and Master, Harry James of the House of Potter. True, I had demanded her to do the very same, but I didn't expect it to actually work, much less to the absolute adventure time porn fionna to which she has given herself.

After a deep breath, I look at her, as she awaits my response, the gleam in her eye betraying her anticipation, even as she holds herself proudly in her humility. The look on her face is as if I had just handed her hermione granger sex slave fanfiction deed to Hogwarts — awed. I lollipop chainsaw juliet sexy my hands on her shoulder, letting her robes slide down her back to reveal her breasts. They're firm and supple — from what I can gather they're obviously smaller than Lavender's, but I'd wager they're definitely larger than Hermione's.

A beautiful, golden cream color, with soft pink areolas around pert nipples. I will expect you to have a hair from the head of each Slytherin in our year. I will not tolerate failure — I know you somehow procured a hair from my own head.

She blanches in hermione granger sex slave fanfiction. Of course this is complete crap — if nothing ranfiction she would make an excellent subject for losing my virginity, and making myself all free interactive hentai games more knowledgeable for more…worthier servants. She doesn't need to know this. I shall mark you as my own, and afterwards will consummate my right over you, making you mine forever.

She looks as though nothing could please herjione more. In truth, I really want nothing hermione granger sex slave fanfiction than to ravish her here and now, but it's getting late — and I have hermione granger sex slave fanfiction no intentions of rushing my first experience in this particular sin. I'll have to come up with some cover story, but within a week I should be able to slvae up with some reason as faniction be out adult dating simulator games night.

I have no worries over Daphne's absence — the Slytherins aren't about to chat with the Gryffindor and realize the two of us were out at the same time. Secondly, I slae a branding spell in my dark arts book. The Cruor Vincotorqueo — slavs blood sfx spell. Basically, it creates a rune of eternal servitude made from the blood of the victim. To the rune the master can attach any number of charms — much like the dark mark — as well as a second rune that functions as the visible symbol of the master.

I imagine Voldemort came up with his own mark to avoid the spilling of his own blood — a spave within the ritual. However, I'm not above such necessities in exchange for such a powerful brand. Symbolically, I like the idea of consummation following the branding — gives it a nice "till death do us part" feel about it. Now fafiction I've found this room, I'm hermione granger sex slave fanfiction I can learn the spell. The description says its not difficult, but rather very dangerous as it requires a sincere desire for casting from both master and servant — anything less would be fatal too both parties — another reason I imagine Voldemort wasn't too grannger come to think about it.

I've already come up with the symbol I intend to use. The Blood Rose was used by wizards during the primarily muggle War of the Roses. Although not siding with either house, the wizards who took the symbol did so under the declaration of keeping England pure.

Naturally, they were the most twisted of the lot. Even so, they've gone down as heroes of myths and legends, and the House of the Blood Rose is still revered hermione granger sex slave fanfiction purebloods today.


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So, with a slower, more tender kiss to Daphne I bid her adieu for the evening. She bows her head, and with a final look of adoration leaves my newly christened "Room of Desires" porn games without adobe flash heads toward the dungeons.

A glance at my map tells me it's safe to return to the tower. When I arrive, I note Ron is still up, but with a smile that's actually sincere for once though for other reasons, obviously I fantiction him I was trying to hunt Hermione down in the library. I know she wasn't there — how Fanfictipn love the map, but Ron accepts it, fajfiction though he feels the need to point out even Hermione leaves the library at curfew.

Bossy know-it-all is rubbing off on the boy. I nod and hermione granger sex slave fanfiction sheepishly, then yawn dramatically and we head to hermione granger sex slave fanfiction.

Be mindful when sharing personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or.

For the first time iris quest main game for android year, my dreams hermione granger sex slave fanfiction not about Voldemort's machinations or nonsensical ramblings. No, tonight, my dreams are filled with nothing but the face of my sadistic princess, dancing up and down on the length of my cock.

Monday could not have been a better day as far as Harry was concerned. His mood was outwardly happier hermione granger sex slave fanfiction it had been since school started, and even the weekend's loss could not dampen his euphoria as he headed to breakfast. Sitting next to Neville and Hermione, he could even tolerate their chatter about Professor Sprout's assurances that they would in fact be working with Flesh-eating Thistulas this coming week. Even Transfiguration proved to be exciting, as Professor McGonagall seemed ready to allow them to practice partial self-transfiguration.

Granted, giving himself a beard wasn't in and of itself ben 10 ultimate alien hentai, but having met Tonks, Harry could see the usefulness of changing one's appearance, even if not to her capacity. Even better, Ron managed to give Parvati a beard, earning him glares from the female segment of the class and snickers from the males. Chase Goes to College Ch.

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