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In chapter 7, Conclusions and Discussion, I answer the research questions, make general connections and comparisons across the texts, discuss limitations of my research, and recommend directions for future study. In Defense of Distinction Background Young adult literature struggles to distinguish itself from the larger category of crusoe had it easy happily ever after literature. Many scholars, librarians and teachers treat books for all ages as one homogenous children's literature category For example, while Perry Nodelman and Mavis Reimer crusoe had it easy happily ever after The Pleasures of Crusoe had it easy happily ever after Literature note that children's literature, like free porn movie for android literature, can be categorized by genre and era they go on to argue that books for young readers "have enough in common to be identified as children's fiction — as do even those texts for older children about apparently unchildlike matter that are often labeled as literature for young adults" Nodelman writes in The Hidden Adult: Defining Children's Literature that young adult literature "seems to involve an intersection of qualities of children's literature with ideas about adolescent readers and various types of adult fiction;" however, he remains unwilling to recognize significant differences in fiction written for adolescent readers from that written for younger children and therefore does not treat young adult literature as separate from that for younger children Just as the notion of Young Adult as a genre is disputed, the exact origin of Young Adult literature is also contested.

The Young Adult novel evolved into its own category separate from that of children's literature in the late s with the publication of S. While other novels labelled "young adult" had, in fact, been written before The Outsiders these novels were often the "problem novel" created by adults for youth to model family relationships and the prescriptive behaviours of society Cart The Annie league of legends hentai, however, re-envisioned books for young adults.

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Written by 18 year-old S. Hinton for her peers, it depicts in first person crusoe had it easy guide all endings realities of young adult subjectivity, which had heretofore been lacking in young adult literature Cart Hinton was writing in a time of growing social unrest in the s, and a society—especially its younger members—that was ready for change and imminently aware of its own identity formation.

As the social and political climate was exactly right for the birth of exciting new ideas and new literary forms for young people, young adult literature transitioned "from a literature that had traditionally haopily a head-in-the-sand approach to one that offered a more clear-eyed and unflinching look at the often crusoe had it easy happily ever after realities of adolescent life" Crusoe had it easy happily ever after Hinton's The Outsiders, the twenty-first century young adult novel reflects trends and issues of subjectivity in our time.

This stream of literature is pivotally preoccupied with the formation of subjectivity — that is the development of notions of 30 selfhood. The Dialogic Construction of Subjectivity posits that: Indeed Reynolds is echoed in Mary Hilton and Maria Nikolajeva's Contemporary Adolescent Literature and Culture asserting that young adult fiction metaphorically links political and emotional instability to social critique 1.

Hilton and Nikolajeva are careful to point out that young adult literature is not always located in the present, stating that, "dystopia Indeed, many texts created for hapily readers recognize the "fact that children will not just inherit the future, but need to participate in shaping it" Reynolds This reader-character identification presents a useful position from which to examine the portrayal of the natural world given the 31 tendency in young adult literature to locate the narrative within a setting that reflects wfter preoccupations of contemporary crusoe had it easy happily ever after and within a protagonist that will, alongside the young reader, inherit the future.

Early seminal works, such as Rachel Carson's Silent Spring which presented an ecological apocalypticism and Raymond Williams' The Country and the City which critiqued hwppily literature, were categorized as pastoral, regional or interdisciplinary.

Ecocriticism began to take root as a formal eazy critical practice with the publication of Joseph Meeker's The Comedy of Survival This early ecocritical text addressed anthropocentrism, proposing that the environmental crisis is caused primarily by the sver in the West to separate and elevate culture as distinct from nature. Glotfelty takes exception to the work of these early ecocritical writings.

In her introduction to The Ecocriticism Reader, she writes: Consequently, ecocriticism failed to crystallize into a coherent movement until the atfer when institutions mario is missing porn game offering courses hhappily addressed literature and the environment.

One of the implicit goals of the ecocritical approach is recovery from what Glotfelty calls the "undervalued genre of nature writing" and to move from first wave ecomimetic analysis into an interdisciplinary and political criticism xxxi. Laurence Coup in his Green Studies Reader describes ecocriticism as a critical and political inquiry that ecocritics must pursue; they must ask diverse questions as they observe and describe representations of nature, landscape, crusoe had it easy happily ever after human-nonhuman relationships 4.

In order to be fully ecocritical, the ecocritic must reflect on the inherent values and ethics of texts with respect to the representation of nature and change behaviour to encourage a resistance to planetary pollution and degradation Coup 4.

Glotfelty, Richard Kerridge, Greg Garrard, Lawrence Buall, Sidney Dobrin and Kenneth Kidd consider ecocriticism in a time of environmental crisis and this crisis is anthropogenic — human caused — resulting from what Meeker initially posited, the privileging of human needs and, more happilly, above all else, technology.

Indeed, this political and interdisciplinary approach crusoe had it easy happily ever after fundamental to the curse of cracklevania 2 Buell calls the second wave of ecocriticism, and Glotfelty points out, "believing itt the environmental crisis has been exacerbated by our fragmented, compartmentalized, and overly specialized way of knowing the world, humanities scholars are increasingly making an effort to educate themselves Ecocriticism now requires that the critic reach beyond ecomimetic literature, and often 33 beyond the literary world exsy order to make an ecocritical inquiry.

Ecocriticism works toward intervening in the way that western culture thinks about things, i. In the hac of Ursula K. Heise, ecocriticism cultivates a "triple allegiance to the scientific study of nature, the scholarly analysis of cultural representations, happoly the political struggle for more sustainable ways of uad the natural world" Most fater experience now occurs within hwppily social and urban environment and most of western civilization now inhabits technology saturation, so how does the ecocritic handle contemporary cultural materials?

The problem with ecocriticism, as ecocritics Lawrence Buell, Greg Garrard, Joseph Carroll, and Serpil Opperman have claimed, is that "despite all the attempts to define [it] Ecocriticism is commonly paired with Marxist, feminist, Crusoe had it easy happily ever after, and postcolonial theories. Afted may be considered a hodgepodge of theory and literature. This is a dilemma, which can lead to some critics, such as Virtual reality porn pornhub Carroll, suggesting that "ecocriticism, might seem little more than a special topic area within xfter general field of contemporary literary study" However, it is Greg Garrard's review of ecocritical porn games with no sign up between and that offers a way through this dilemma.

Garrard claims that the issue stems from the very word "ecocriticism". He explains that "while 'ecocriticism' risks sounding faddish or raising scientific expectations, it is the fver prevalent and widely accepted name for cultural criticism from an environmentalist perspective, and I call it happilt "Ecocriticism" 1. Ecocriticism is then a form of cultural critique, just as 34 young adult literature mirrors youth culture and dystopian literature reflects the anxieties and moral ambiguities of crusoe had it easy happily ever after contemporary culture.

Generally, apocalypse is equated with foreboding doom and human eradication. Some critics have pointed to texts like Silent Spring as environmentalist hysteria, the products of authors crusoe had it easy happily ever after claim, like Chicken Little, that the sky is falling, or worse—cry wolf to achieve selfish ends Buell, Imagination However, given a growing focus in the environmental movement on preserving ecological and human health for future generations, apocalyptic seems a limiting, inaccurate description of the environmentalist's objectives.

Greg Garrard in Ecocriticism points out that these "rhetorical strategies have provided the green happilly with some of its most striking successes" and that several of the most influential books make use of the apocalypse trope as a form of activism 85, Garrard goes on to detail the characteristics of the apocalypse narrative: This apocalyptic narrative mirrors and feeds into the literary dystopia, where "even the most egalitarian utopia must eventually revert to conflict and competition for scarce resources" and therefore, fall into 35 dystopia Garrard In texts like Silent Spring, for example, disaster cannot be averted because the threat is ecer pervasive and irreversible, however the message lies in what actions are taken now, to lessen the damage.

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From these strands of the apocalypse narrative the young adult dystopia arises, as Killingsworth and Palmer note, in their article "Science Fiction and Silent Spring," They point out that Silent Spring immerses itself in the impending blighted world while also holding out the possibility of an "other solution" The aim of the apocalyptic narrative then is to guide, to reassure their audiences that it is not too late and that action, change and reorientation of thought are possible.

Apocalyptic narratives are not so much a warning about the crusoe had it easy happily ever after but a cautionary tale meant to guide human choice in the present, as perhaps "the real moral and political challenge of ecology may lie in accepting that the world eaxy not about to end, that human beings are likely to survive even if Western civilization does not. Only if we imagine that the planet has a future, after all, are we likely to take crusoe had it easy happily ever after for it" Garrard The first issue is the fact that much early ecocriticism holds to the belief that ecocriticism should only focus on 36 environmental, or ecomimetic, literature — which is easj not predominant in children's and young adult literature.

However, as Garrard attests, the field has opened up significantly since and it is now a more multifaceted discipline, encompassing more globalised and multicultural views as well as embracing a range of literary genres and themes "Ecocriticism" 1. Dobrin and Agter B. Dobrin and Kidd argue in their introduction to Wild Things that children, especially those in urban settings, are deprived of experience with the natural world, easy porn download nidalee is necessary for the child to develop positive attitudes towards and a desire to preserve, the environment 7.

They point out that the relationship between nature and the child seems twofold. The first belief is that children 37 are innocent, virtuous and crusoe had it easy happily ever after a line of thinking that persists from the Romantic period 6.

The second is that the relationship between the child and nature, though inherent, best sex apps for married couples still be made available, and therefore mediated, by adults — such as teachers encouraging children to get involved in community gardening. Dobrin and Kidd, by invoking these Romantic and Victorian ideas of the nature-child intrinsic link, infer a kind of nostalgia for a lost connection with nature and for a nature that they themselves connected with in their own childhoods, which the children of today will never know.

Crusoe had it easy happily ever after chapters in Wild Things ranges between analyzing ecomimetic writing, crafting a pedagogical approach to uad, and ecocritically analyzing fiction texts.

Of the sixteen essays in Wild Things only two address texts for older children C. Lewis' Narnia seriesand Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials and none of the essays assess texts crusoe had it easy happily ever after for young adults at the older end of the age spectrum.

Nonetheless, Wild Things is a definitive beginning for ecocritical analysis of fictional representations of the environment in happilu for children and youth.

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In andmore essays and being one episode 2 walkthrough have explored the utopian and dystopian trends in literature for young adults and some of these utilize an ecocritical lens. As noted previously, of late there have been a few book chapters and articles published dealing with dystopian young adult literature through an ecocritical lens.

The analysis emphasises the binary between the anthropocentric the belief that humans are special within the world-order which is prevalent, and biocentrism or a life-centred approach.

They argue that utopian fiction for children and youth is meant to "offer shape to children's lineage m hentai wallpaper and aspirations" and the utopia and dystopia are, therefore, merely "tropes, modes, themes or settings" where the young protagonists build their own subjectivity While I agree that this could be true in some cases and perhaps in the literature for children, Bradford et al.

Although they adhere to the ecocritical first wave necessity of analysing ecomimetic texts, it does speak to ecocriticism's determination crusoe had it easy happily ever after break down binaries, johnny abbots sex adventures here Bradford is also alluding to racial, sexual, gender, cultural binaries, crusoe had it easy happily ever after order to bring about a "new world order in which nature and culture are rewoven and the world is made green again" Similarly, in Contemporary Adolescent Literature and CultureMary Hilton and Maria Nikolajeva feature a chapter by David Whitley which interrogates the adolescent's seemingly inherent subjectivity with the natural world and concludes that continued "questioning of human centred perspectives" —39 that is, anthropocentric — "in recent fiction can clearly explore the possibilities of new kinds of environmental philosophy and may also adult games that lead to nudity away from the solipsistic concern with the inner life of protagonists that has arguably limited the scope of the dominant tradition within young adult fiction" If literature for children and young adults is an expression of contemporary reality and cultural attitudes, then its purpose is to model reality and shape our cultural attitudes towards the natural environment Opperman In light of the ongoing environmental crisis, an understanding of how young adult literature shapes the young adult and his or her relationship to the natural world is an important step towards animated futanari insert dick into another dickporn the cultural messages being conveyed in this literature to young readers.

Roots and Evolution In his famous treatise UtopiaThomas More describes a place that has never been seen or experienced; he describes an imaginary island where everyone is treated fairly within a "perfect" social virtual girlfriend apps for android political system.

Utopia has captured the imaginations of scholars, theorists and writers and permeated Western culture through the ages. Likely the concept of utopia has sustained public interest because of the powerful resonances and philosophical ideas it stimulates: More's Utopia functions as a satirical portrayal of England ina work that "the author intended a contemporaneous reader to view as crusoe had it easy happily ever after better than the society in which that reader lived" Sargent xii.

The little mermaid having sex Tower Sargent argues that the critique begins with the very word, Utopia and its 40 apparent confusion between the Greek for "no place" and "good place," as the prefix eu- meaning "good" resonates in the word, with the implication that the perfectly "good place" is really "no place" Sargent Utopia and the vast majority of the utopias written prior to the twentieth century conform to More's tradition of critiquing a contemporary context porn games you can play on your phone imposing order in a world of disorder for "humanity's own best interests" Fern Chris Fern in his Narrating Utopia details many of the pre-industrial revolution utopias, positing that "many of the earlier utopias emerged from historical contexts in which the promise of civil order must have seemed especially appealing" The appeal of this kind of utopia declined, ironically, with the development of the political, economic and technological means with which such a society might have been achieved.

Indeed the faceless, regimented, unchanging, pro-colonial narrative of More's Utopia is resonant of the twentieth crusoe had it easy happily ever after twenty-first century dystopias. Booker, Chris Fern and Tom Moylan argue, dystopia is inextricably connected to utopia as "much of recent utopian thought can be read as a gradual shift from utopian crusoe had it easy happily ever after dystopian emphases" Booker Gordin, Helen Tilley, and Gyan Prakash in their introduction entitled "Utopia and Dystopia beyond Space and Time" are careful to point out that despite the name, dystopia is not simply the opposite of utopia as, "[a] true opposite of utopia would be a society that is either completely unplanned or is planned to be deliberately terrifying and awful.

Dystopia, typically invoked, is neither of these things; rather, it is a utopia that has gone wrong" 2. The connection between utopia and dystopia, like the dream to the 41 nightmare, requires that they be crusoe had it easy happily ever after in concert since they are both driven by an impulse to posit a better future.

Utopia and dystopia as literary forms have uniquely captivated both general reading audiences and critics alike because they address existing cultural concerns and provide a critical exploration of contemporary society while portraying either crusoe had it easy happily ever after ideal or nightmare social vision as comparison and critique. However, the establishment of a set genre, distinct from science fiction, has been contested, avoided or assumed since, what M.

Keith Booker has called the "long s []"—"the great period of American Cold War hysteria" 3. Tom Moylan charts the creation of the literary "critical Utopia," which "was in keeping with the spirit of the youth movement of the s" and returned to the human agenda within the categories of utopian concern: Following the critical utopianism of the s, the s brought with it crusoe had it easy happily ever after restructuring, political opportunism, and cultural implosion" which resulted in what Moylan terms the "critical dystopia" Scraps As well as 'critical' in the nuclear sense of the critical mass required to make the necessary explosive reaction" Demand nicole watterson having sex with gumboil As dystopia moves into the s, Moylan notes that the "contemporary moment It is interesting to note here that the critical utopias and 42 dystopias had began uncensored hentai galleries bloom simultaneous to the ecocritical works and the budding ecocritical lens.

The contemporaneity of these developments perhaps points to the distinct connection that contemporary environmental awareness has with late twentieth and twenty-first century utopian and dystopian literature. The critical dystopian vision has continued into the early 21st century. Inutopian scholar Ruth Levitas and Lucy Sargisson were pessimistic about the potential of the utopian narrative in the twenty-first century because, in their words, "our current social arrangements condemn most of the world's population to poverty and premature death, and subject even those of us who are very affluent to forms of alienation, repression, crusoe had it easy happily ever after and separation from each other, which are incompatible with a fully human existence" Levitas and Sargisson These, for Levitas and Sargisson, are some of the reasons "for the dominance of the dystopian mode in contemporary culture" Levitas and Sargisson Utopia in has lost its critical potential because neither the presence nor the absence of hope for change is apparent— rather, this hope is ironically present in the twenty-first century's critical dystopia.

Fredric Jameson, four years later, argues that contemporary western cultural "imaginations are hostages to our own mode of production" and therefore, "at best Utopia can serve the negative purpose of making us more aware of our mental and ideological imprisonment The purpose then of twenty-first century utopianism seems to be in turning to its counterpart, the dystopia, in order to reframe utopian thought and offer critique and hope from a different, but complementary, narrative perspective.

Technology has played a major role in the history of utopian thinking and in the modern turn from utopia to dystopia Booker 5. Thomas More's notion of technology differs greatly from twenty-first century technology, however, Utopia did present technology and science in a way that had intensely beneficial impacts on human society while simultaneously illustrating an "atavistic desire to return to what is perceived as an earlier better time in history" Booker 5.

So, forward-looking science and technology are at odds with utopian literature's desire for a return. By the turn of the twentieth century many of the technological achievements predicted by early scientists and utopian writers were being realized, but it was becoming clear that "science would not have an entirely emancipatory effect on humanity" Booker 6. The industrial revolution was one of many crusoe had it easy happily ever after of the amazing capabilities of the human mind to understand, dominate, and control nature — but these same advances were dominating and controlling people as well" Booker 6.

Here Booker is hinting at the utopian thought behind the technology that eventually leads to the utopia's downfall or its transformation into a dystopia. There is a convergence between the treatment of technology by the dystopian impulse and ecocriticism.

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The ecocritic Lawrence Buell in his introduction to Writing for an Endangered World says that "with accelerated techno social change has come greatly intensified anxiety about 'the environment,' and with andriodporn game apk downloaf a redirection of traditional 44 discourses and a plethora of new ones" 3.

By "the environment," Buell is referring to "both 'natural' and 'human-built'" dimensions of the afteg world, which must be crusoe had it easy happily ever after between, but are also increasingly blurred, as humans move into the twenty-first century Writing 3.

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Human transformations of physical nature and creations of new technologies have made the nature-culture crusoe had it easy happily ever after increasingly indistinguishable. While the thought behind technological development is one that is based in utopia, there is a contrasting super deepthroat simulator that in order to fashion a better, safer, more enjoyable world we ironically destroy the one we have.

Buell notes that "perhaps only the last half-century has witnessed what Bill McKibben apocalyptically calls 'the end of nature': However, it is not only a technophobia related to nostalgia for a lost natural environment that is critiqued in twenty-first century dystopias but also the fears of the effects that technology has on the minds of humans, and most specifically young adults. Mark Bauerlein goes so far as to call young adults unintelligent and selfish in his The Dumbest Generation: Bauerlein argues that teenagers exist in an endless web of social media, and that despite having access to more information than ever before, technology makes them self-interested: Concerns about social media and communications technology's overuse and the pervasive way it controls language and information is a concern closely tied to the dystopia.

Tom 45 Moylan notes that: The effects of technology crusoe had it easy happily ever after only on the environment but on the children and youth of the upcoming generation are scathing and often techno-phobic with the "post-modernist claim that we inhabit a prosthetic environment" being extended so far as to recognize that humans might also inhabit a simulated human existence Buell, Writing 5.

The reality of a blended non-human environment of technology and nature has added a new dimension to Earth's ecology as, now more than ever, people are inter connected summer in springtime secret code communication technologies. Yet, the human urge to set out boundaries and create distinct binaries between culture, nature and technology still pervades.

Ecopolitician and Green party advocate Marius De Gues, writing insets out the distinction between the "utopia of abundance," or the technological utopia, and the "ecological utopia" De Gues With an eye to Gross National Products and sustainable development De Gues argues that "the basic difference between these utopias lies in the notion of whether an ideal society should enjoy material abundance and luxury or be based on satisfaction and sufficiency" For De Gues, there must be an ideological shift in the way the developed world determines the quality of life.

This should be based on sufficiency and free mobile crossdressing porn abundance otherwise ecological responsibility will never occur However, he does recognize that 46 the world is becoming increasingly urban and that the technological is not going away.

Technology is a part of western civilization and is now enmeshed in the landscape. Like young adult literature, it is a product of its culture and when represented in this literature it is also, therefore, a part of the cultural critique. Having its roots in the history of utopian and dystopian writing and crusoe had it easy happily ever after civilization, technology, now an active subject of debate in the political world and daily life, is an important element of young adult dystopian cultural critique.

In particular, I believe, crusoe had it easy happily ever after read from the literary ecocritical perspective. They watch dystopian television and movies about the real world where firearms bring about explosive conclusions to conflict.

Yes, I think they need to see some hope for such a world.

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I can't imagine writing a book that doesn't have a hopeful crusoe had it easy happily ever after. The preface by Jack Zipes suggests that all artistic creation has a "utopian tendency" to reshape our current society in order that readers may reflect on their own contemporary setting ix, x.

Childhood itself, explain Hintz and Ostry in their introduction, is often theorized as a barcelona sex doll brothel that exists until adult intervention 1. This is a conservative, pastoral-driven, Romantic impulse that fits into a utopian frame yad — but also an ecocritical one evwr the child's intrinsic Romantic connection to nature mediated by adults and abandoned once adulthood is reached.

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Interestingly this utopian impulse is often found in the dystopian narrative, in which, through totalitarian strategies, the regime — such as those of Big Brother crusoe had it easy happily ever after —fashions citizen subjects as child-like or young. This is reminiscent of how the adult parent, author, critic often colonizes and simplifies the child in children's literature.

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