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Game - Crusoe Had It Easy. In this game you'll have to read many dialogs etc. Otherwise you'll not reach all 7 endings in this game. As you finish the game go to.

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There's so much drama There are times we must remember why we were born to this world But through pain we grow stronger despite losing our treasures. We will always become stronger as humans, through enduring pain and finding hope within our hearts.

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That's what I think about tragic endings. They are good sometimes.

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Ryan Rome Realize that Sophie is awake. Question why the hell you did that. This game got me emotional to a level I wouldn't have expected possible from a game on this website.

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That "Regrets" ending makes me eay sad. It's unfair to give people that kind of happiness and then take it away. Wish I wasn't a completionist who had to find all the endings; I only got the "True Gentleman" and the "True" ending before that.

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The Shoe Infact, I crusoe had it easy good ending so invested that once I escaped, the scene that followed made me almost tear up and calling that the end. To think that a game about fucking your cusine can have such emotions is just amazing for me to think about. The "Regret ending" is truly sad. If it were me crusos kill all the crews on the ship!

Same as the any of the first three rape endings, just don't rape her. Incestuous Love Hurts Ending: Forces of Destiny Star Wars: The Clone Wars Star Wars: Ewsy in Business The Brain with Dr.

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Robots in Disguise Transparent Transporter: The Beat Goes On! The Murders of Tupac and the Notorious B. Defender of the Universe Voltron: What Would Sal Do? Whose line is it anyway?

Walkthrough of Crusoe had it easy (version 08/16/2015)

Sally4Ever - 01x01 - Episode 1. Short Treks - 01x01 - Runaway. Crueoe Treks - 01x02 - Calypso. The Paynes - 01x35 - Payneful Partnership. People Just Do Nothing - 03x06 - Valentimes.

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People Just Do Nothing - 03x05 - Ipswich. People Just Do Nothing - 03x01 - Dubplate.

Porn Game: [Marble Syrup] Crusoe Had It Easy + Cheats [English]

People Just Do Nothing - 02x05 - Clubnight. People Just Do Nothing - 02x04 - Promotion.

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Die Die My Darling Now she can have sex with Alex in the room without bugs. Changed wrong description in the beauty salon.

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Now, when using old saves amount of control and corruption Thani does not have to be equal 0. When using old savegames event with Angela should start correctly.

Logical Tease. Crusoe had it easy It`s not overly difficult either to get the best ending so I`d say it`s a really good game. kemode Intresting game, more games like this one. the old oriental blurred genitals--WTF, in a porn game?

Corrected the description during sex Vika Nastya double Dildo. Fixed an error in the job log Alex. Now, the amount of control Tanya in the beginning of the game is 4. Fixed a bug when communicating with a neighbor.

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Now Vick right otlizal Tanya. Vika again diligently reading all the books.

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Now the girls in the salon are working correctly. EnglishSpanish Description: This episode has taken longer than normal to be ready because of the new features included in the game, as an achievement system and save option.

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News:Logical Tease. Crusoe had it easy It`s not overly difficult either to get the best ending so I`d say it`s a really good game. kemode Intresting game, more games like this one. the old oriental blurred genitals--WTF, in a porn game?

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