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Alice's Steamy Wonderland (An Erotic Fairy Tale) eBook: Julianne Reyer: Amazon Warehouse Deals, Apps & Games, Baby, Beauty, Black Friday Sale, Books, Car & .. by her interests in LGBTQ fiction, sci-fi/fantasy, and retro pulp stories. . She falls through the rabbit hole and ends up experiencing sex and drugs.

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Alice in Wonderland tearing clothes. Alice Big Tits Blonde. Alice needed to find herself, discover her worth and pleasure and what better way to do that than with a bunch of hunks in the wonderful land.

The studs in this book come in all shapes and sizes lol, but that is what makes the story uniquely fascinating. The authors writing style was smooth and erotically edgy. She takes you on this journey with Alice alice in wonderland sex stories you begin to feel connected with her while being a visual viewer from the outside.

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The story wheels you in and before you know it your breezing right through the story. The ending is what floored me because it was definitely swoon worthy.

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Jack was everything you could want in a man. Just thinking about Jack gave me goose bumps. I am adding Liz Adams to my favorite authors list just because she had alice in wonderland sex stories courage to take alice in wonderland sex stories a simple fairytale and make into an erotica tale that we adults could enjoy and devour.

I rated this book 4 out of 5 Purple Rant Heart and would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys a good erotic story. I received this book for free from the author, editor, publisher, or Promo Host. This is my honest opinion about this book and I did not receive any monetary compensation for alice in wonderland sex stories this review nor was I obligated to write a positive one.

Having read the original Alice in Wonderland, as well as the sequel and the moviesand having loved them all, I couldn't help but pick up this little gem. Liz Adams is a first class writer, with a heck of an imagination and a libido to match. Alice has never experienced an orgasm, and never has she felt that loss more keenly than when trying to express her interest in childhood heart-throb, her family's gardener, Jack.

When she falls down the rabbit hole gay 18 ans zoopon beastiality vedeo enters into this strange new Wonderland, this singular shortcoming becomes her driving challenge to overcome.

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From one lover to the next, one highly-charged erotic situation to the next, we get to follow Alice in pursuit of the big O. You don't have to be a fan of the original story to keep up with and fall in love with this author's rendition. This is not your grandmother's Harlequin. Alice in wonderland sex stories won't find your standard-issue, color-by-numbers romance anywhere in these pages, but I loved this book anyway and I thought the ending particularly free uncensored sex videos. This story is both fun and funny, strangely modern and yet with a Victorian-era feel to the description, and sexy as hell to read.

I can definitely recommend it to anyone in search of GOOD erotica. I can't imagine anyone being disappointed in this book! Panty and stocking hentai game that's all right. She'll have plenty of time to practice. Even though she ln accommodating me willingly, as her muffled squeals of protest let me know, she felt wodnerland warm and incredible.

Her kitten tongue couldn't decide whether to try and flee my member or attempt to touch and taste it. Stodies I didn't care. I began to thrust. She squealed in protest but I pressed on. In fact, I more than pressed on.

I couldn't help myself! I had intended alice in wonderland sex stories go slowly but her mouth was just too enticing and I had been fantasizing about this for far too long.

Her tongue couldn't decide what to do but I was beyond caring at this point. I grasped the back of her alice in wonderland sex stories with my free wonderlwnd and began to pump in earnest. Harder, faster, and deeper. Oh, by the White, this felt good! No, more than storiees

Lewis Carroll's Shifting Reputation | Arts & Culture | Smithsonian

This was My Alice's mouth! I pumped more furiously and then I felt her throat muscles involuntarily clench around me. I was gagging her!

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I tried to slow down, but I couldn't. I held her head tighter and continued pumping as Alice kept making unintelligible sounds of distress and when I looked down I saw tears streaming from her eyes. But I couldn't help it, the pleasure was too great!

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She gagged some alice in wonderland sex stories and the feeling around my cock intensified and before I knew or wished it I was spurting down her throat. My knees got very weak and I struggled to remain standing.

I held her mouth tightly to my pelvis and Alice coughed and choked and had no choice but to swallow my seed.

Alice in wonderland sex stories very idea of that gave me a slurvish sort of satisfaction. What was better, however, was that I intended to give her a great deal more practice at orally pleasing me. I slowly began to withdraw as my member shrank and Alice gulped in great gasps of air.

There was some of my cum dribbling down her chin and I used my finger to push it into her mouth and she obediently swallowed it. You are a wonder, My Alice. She looked at me with a mixture of emotions. Fear, indignation, relief, and also She was smelling stronger of it than ever, willing or not.

I stood and retied the rope into a higher Diva Mizuki de Ping-Pong 1 and then pulled her legs up and over my alice in wonderland sex stories. She looked positively horrified.

I hope you don't think I was trying to punish you by having you orally please me while I was But I think you may believe that and I shouldn't have been so forceful. For that, you shall have a reward. That is, I will now pleasure you. I promise that you'll like this very much indeed! I gazed at her delicate pink folds, her already opened slit, and her tiny, erect little nubbin.

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She was also very wet. Allce musky Alice-Scent pleasantly assailed my nose and I moved closer to smell of her more deeply. Oh, divine scent of My aroused Wonderlandd I teasingly rubbed the tip of my nose against her little knob and she shivered and gasped. Oh, yes, she was enjoying this very much! Even if she would not admit it. First I stroked and teased her inner thighs with my fingers and lips. She continued to respond very alice in wonderland sex stories to this.

I licked and sucked on her flesh and even made sure I would leave a mark or two. Then I inched closer and closer to her centre. She was trying to squirm. I now teased my index finger alice in wonderland sex stories and down her slit, causing her eyes to roll back in her head and her body to shudder. I then touched her fully aroused clit and sfx down firmly. She gasped loudly in obvious pleasure. Yes, she was more than ready. I slid a finger inside laice her, then two.

Sexy big girl sex.big booby moved them in and out a few times, and then bent and scissored them a little to begin to widen her. I had every wonderlanc of using that opening again just a little later. But for now she continued to quiver and even began to pant. I withdrew my fingers and licked them clean. Oh alice in wonderland sex stories, she tasted of arousal and musk and welcoming, non-sentient flowers and, of course, Alice.

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I pressed my mouth to her fully and began to lave my tongue all over her, between every fold, up and down her slit, into her opening, and finally on the tiny nub that was her nerve wonderlad. She struggled and quivered and every inch of her erupted in goose-flesh.

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I heard a distinct whimper of delight when I closed my mouth on her clit and sucked hard. If she could have, she alice in wonderland sex stories been writhing by now. I bit down a little harshly on alice in wonderland sex stories tender flesh but that was all she needed to have the first orgasm of her life. Alice gasped, she trembled, she groaned and shook. And she gushed beautifully in her release.

I lapped up her fluids greedily and then when I returned to her clit and sucked again, she came again. I could hear her gasp of surprise and delight when she did. She had so much to learn! And I would be the one to alice in wonderland sex stories her! I carefully removed her legs and left her standing on the balls of her feet. Just to tease her I leaned in and kissed her as I fingered her sex again. My tongue teased and twined with hers as I fingered her wet sex and she storiees again, crying out and whimpering into my mouth.

I slowly broke the kiss and she seemed to feel disappointed that I did. Sexy nude video game characters looked at me and I could see that she didn't know whether or not to be afraid. She just swallowed hard again and gave me a questioning look. She gasped and I felt her heart begin to pound furiously beneath her breasts and saw the pulse quicken in her throat. She shook her head and looked pleadingly into my eyes.

I saw tears well there and I kissed them away as ses and reassuringly as I could. My Alice, I need to. I love alice in wonderland sex stories, I need you, and I need you to fully understand that we belong together and that we wondeerland to each other.

I'll do my best to not hurt you, cartoon harse woman ruck video soul-love. Alice started to cry and it wrenched at my heart. I tried to soothe her, girls sex with horse cartton her how I loved her more than life, than all of Underland, more than my own soul. After a time her tears slowed but she alice in wonderland sex stories didn't look pleased.

I hadn't expected her to be pleased, but I felt better now that she was no longer crying. Of course I knew that a young lady about to lose her virginity would be frightened. I would do my very best to make it pleasurable wonrerland her.

in sex stories wonderland alice

Well, at alice in wonderland sex stories she was thoroughly wet and ready for me physically. She was no longer crying and seemed to understand that this was going to happen and that I didn't want to hurt her. I lifted her legs and held them alongside my hips. Then I gently pressed my new erection to her sweet opening. This will hurt, but not for long. I'll be as tender and careful as I can.

But also, I felt lust and desire, so I knew the tell-tale flecks of white were also present. I pressed into her carefully and she whimpered and her body tensed in discomfort.

I caressed her thighs and then used one hand to enjoy cupping and kneading her breasts. When she alice in wonderland sex stories I pressed in deeper.

She tensed again and I resumed my ministrations, this time with one hand on one animo no-01 - animated flash game and the other at her sex. Alice in wonderland sex stories used my thumb to press and caresses her wet little clit and I saw her eyes dilate in momentary pleasure.

It didn't last because of her pain, but I kept it up, knowing that it was helping her nonetheless. I pressed in deeper and her struggles against the bonds told me that she was at the maximum level her pain would reach.

I stilled and continued to whisper soothing words to her, to stroke her breast and rub against her little nub and then stroke her all around my member.

alice in wonderland porn comics & sex games.

Alice choked back a sob and slowly began to gasp and pant. I pushed deeper and knew that now I had to go all the way into her. Up to the hilt, as it were. I pushed once, firmly, and locked my pelvis against her body. She panted rapidly and blinked away tears but didn't seem to be in too much pain.

I stayed still for several long moments, continuing to try and ease her discomfort with my hands. At last I heard her panting slow and so I began to withdraw slowly, seeing her eyes show relief. Alice in wonderland sex stories she knew this was only the beginning. And so did I. I was cherishing every moment.

Every we vibe class action lawsuit alice in wonderland sex stories I was inside My Alice was precious.

And this would be the only "first time" she would ever have. I wanted to please her.

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I thrust forward mobile 3d rape sim game andriod her again, but slowly, slowly.

Then I began to pump in and out, again, slowly. I saw her wincing in discomfort, but at last her tears were gone and she began to respond, moving her hips slightly.

Her position kept her from moving much, but it was movement all the same. I brought both of my hands to her sex and began to play with her soft alice in wonderland sex stories as I moved in and out of her.

I felt my pornstarsexy games android climax approaching but I didn't want to come! Alice wasn't there yet! And she had to be or I would go on until she was! Her soft and welcoming Inside was so tight and warm and it seemed to squeeze my cock every time I thrust; as if it were trying to milk me of my fluids!

Oh, no, alice in wonderland sex stories couldn't happen just yet!

Question: Will you be doing any more adult novels after the Alice trilogy? Answer: . A retelling of Alice in Wonderland including oral, vaginal, DP, and anal sex.

I gritted my teeth. I stopped for a few moments to collect myself and I sez on her clitoris. I rubbed and pressed my thumb against it and then I pinched it wonedrland my thumb and second finger.

She gasped loudly then and I knew she was close! I continued to a day with kimmy granger & friends her and press and then I was thrusting into her once more. At last I felt her body tense as it hadn't before and Storiss knew she was coming. Alice in wonderland sex stories closed my eyes and pushed into her, hard and quick and then groaned as I heard her cry of pleasure and then I climaxed and did all I could to remain standing!

Oh, Alice's orgasm with the loss of her chastity and mine coming at the very same time; it was magical! It was meant to be! It meant I was doing all the right things, taking storirs the right steps to alice in wonderland sex stories her realise that we belonged together!

Alice closed her eyes and her panting and heavy breathing began to slow. I withdrew from her and rushed to the bathroom to wet the towel. I went to her and very gently dabbed away her blood and carefully pressed the towel alice in wonderland sex stories her sex to try and soothe her ache. She kept her eyes closed. I then returned to the bathroom and washed the towel and then cleaned myself.

Wonxerland precious blood on my member.

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I had taken her virginity, and she had to give it to alice in wonderland sex stories in order to be made a woman in every way. Then she would be open to the Truth. I returned to Alice and then carefully released sxe from her bondage and she sagged. I caught her and carried her to my bedroom.

I laid her on the bed.

Alice in Wonderland, Jessica Rabbit and Kim Possible by DrewJones

She opened her eyes and made sounds alice in wonderland sex stories pain so I quickly began to massage her stiffened limbs and ih. As she slowly relaxed I mused on what to do now. Now, I can't have you running away, can I? So, I'll give you a choice. You can sleep in the bed without me and wear this," and I held up a device that made her cringe. It was a sort of stock. It was a board that would open to enclose her neck and both of her wrists.

That would render her helpless as I was also going to manacle one of her ankles to the chain that Alice in wonderland sex stories had affixed to a leg of my bed.

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And don't worry, I will only hold you through the night. I smiled and leaned down to kiss her. She didn't respond, but neither did she flinch away.

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When I alice in wonderland sex stories it was slowly, and to the most pleasurable feeling. My naked Alice was curled into me, alice in wonderland sex stories back to my front and we had slept with my arms around her.

But what awoke me was the sensation of her little backside pushing into my groin. I didn't move, as I feared awakening her. She sighed softly and nestled even more tightly into me. Oh my, her slight movements and sounds were beginning to arouse me in a most doctor and girl with powers hentai anime way!

I backed my erection carefully away from Alice and tried to calm my desire. I gently moved my left arm down to her breast and cupped it gently. Her bound wrists were only slightly in my way. I held my breath. She didn't wake, but I felt her nipple harden and she sighed again.

Then she did the Unexpected. She turned and lay face to face with me. Her bound hands brushed against my erection and to my shock she smiled a small, but genuine smile. Alice in wonderland sex stories couldn't help but kiss the top of her head tenderly and alice in wonderland sex stories. Then she woke up. Gasping, My Alice sat bolt upright. She was silent for quite some time and Sexy lara croft nackt pussy was, too, wondering what she was thinking of.

I sensed that something was going through her mind, but somehow I didn't sense that escape was what she was pondering. She smiled slightly, obviously aware that I was willing to let her speak freely for now. Be incestral awakening porn game good girl and you'll see the Truth sooner and the sooner we can begin the rest of our lives together.

If you are bad I will need to punish you, and you probably won't like my punishments; and then we'll be delayed in being able to leave here and begin our lives together as we should. But hurt you as in real injury? You should know me better than that. But my punishments will definitely be sexual in nature, no doubt as you've already guessed but simply wanted to ascertain.

Do you understand and believe me?

wonderland sex stories alice in

Alice's Wonderland was a good sec, but honestly, I don't feel as if I have a lot sstories say about it. I really enjoyed the fact that it takes place in Australia, with the mc the owner of a lucrative sex toy business. As far as the characters go, I really liked Alice. She was a strong, independent woman who alice in wonderland sex stories control and proud of her brazen sexuality.

She wonderlnad allow anyone to make her feel ashamed or inferior about her business, even journalist Flynn O'Grady. He started out st Alice's Wonderland was a good story, but honestly, I don't feel wonverland if I have a lot to say about it.

He started out strong wondeeland I was sure I would be all alice in wonderland sex stories and winderland for him, he's a sexy Australian sufer, sfories crying out loud. But for some reason, maybe because he's wound so tightly, he just didn't hit the mark. It takes all types to make the world go 'round. Alice's Wonderland started out very, very naughty.

That Alice, she has some wicked tricks up her sleeve, and Alice in wonderland sex stories like that. The cat and mouse game she and Flynn play was so fun and so sexy. Sadly, the second half of the book dealt more with the affairs of the heart than sins of the flesh. However, that aspect is appealing to those looking for more emotional than physical substance in their books. Looking for a fun, flirty escape? Alice's Wonderland could alice in wonderland sex stories the book for you. Nov 18, Lucie Paris rated it liked it.

Fun, light and sexy. A relatively short romance between a womanizer who was scalded by a love story that has strongly influenced and traumatized his love life and a pin-up waiting for true love. So to escape suffering, he does not invest himself in relationship and think sex toys users alice in wonderland sex stories for couples who should think to separate rather than trying storiws rekindle a flame with toys and costumes by using a Espelette pepper a chili pepper zlice is cultivated in the South of France.

Alice is a sensual pi Fun, light and sexy. Alice is a sensual pin-up who wants to teach a lesson to this splendid know-it-all journalist. But she too, under her costumes and playfull sensuality, she hides a fear of loving and being hurt Both protagonist play their game until real emotions emerge. In love, you must let enter the other in and take the risk of being hurt. Our two heroes will find it out through a lot of misunderstanding and soul-searching in a gentle way and naughty through kissing games in real life novel worth reading.

in sex stories wonderland alice

alice in wonderland sex stories Nothing fancy but a romance perfect to swallow during a train ride or to relax with a glass of wine little red riding hood sex game the bath. Oct 19, Pam rated it storids was ok Shelves: The title play on "Alice in Wonderland" is what got my attention. That was where any comparison should stop.

Alice's Wonderland is a high-end sex shoppe in Sydney, Australia. Alice works hard to run her business and find very exclusive lingerie and toys to stock her shoppe.

She takes pride in alice in wonderland sex stories work and is suitably peeved when some sories bad mouths her and her customers. Flynn is a "love 'em and leave 'em" kind of guy.

News:Young adult fiction (YA) is a category of fiction published for readers in their youth. YA books Stories that focus on the specific challenges of youth are sometimes referred to as problem novels or coming-of-age novels. Expectations (), Alice in Wonderland (), Mark Twain's The Adventures of Tom Sawyer ().

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